Thank you for stopping by to check on me. Currently, I am very busy taking a blogging break. And as new-agey-clichéd as this may sound, I am enjoying living in the present moment this summer (except for the tooth extraction/bone graft) (see below). I’ve been spending quality time with my family and friends, reading, going to movies, relaxing at the beach, swimming, and plan to get some more use from our Disneyland Passports. My youngest daughter, Laura, and I are working our way through the Everybody Loves Raymond series (we’re on Season 5), and after watching all five seasons of Weeds, Tom and I are now on Season 1 of Arrested Development. So this blogging break is of a yet-to-be determined length. It could last all summer. And fall. Or until Tuesday. I just don’t know.

Meanwhile, here’s a top-ten list of catch-up things to tide us over for the summer (and fall) (or until Tuesday) (I just don’t know):

1. Much to the relief of my family, I did not fall off of my shoes and land on my Spanx-encrusted arse at my oldest daughter Kristen’s wedding as expected. In fact, the wedding went off without a hitch, except that the bride and groom were hitched, of course.

2. My big toenail did have to be removed two weeks before the wedding (yes, Deb, pus was involved) (no, Debbie, no hot toe doctor was involved) (yes, the same toe that has been the bane of my existence since October 2008) (three times now the nail has been removed) (I’m keeping score) (I found a toe doctor within walking distance from my house) (to save on gas) (except that I can’t walk so well) (obviously). The morning of the wedding I painted the skin on my toe with New-Skin Liquid Bandage and then two coats of polish to match the other nine nails. It didn’t look too bad. True story.

3. The Mac Prep + Prime that the Mac God sold me before the wedding kept my face from melting off during the outdoor ceremony that took place in temperatures all up in the 90s, yo. I do not do product reviews or endorsements, and I’m not going to start with an unpaid one for Mac Prep + Prime. However, I am highly recommending and endorsing the activity of getting yourself a Mac God. Everybody should have one of his or her own.

4. I am not selfishly savoring snapshots (appalling attempt at alliteration, apologies), but have 3,768 photos from the totally awesome bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception to sort through. I will post some photos someplace or other when some sort of sorting and uploading is accomplished. Meanwhile, we need a few photos of the dress (that Kristen designed) (true story) and whatnot to tide us over:

Pictured (click photo to enlarge):
Kristen & Adam; Kristen & Adam
Courtney; Laura
Tom, Laura, Cheri, Kristen & Courtney

5. Speaking of saving on gas (see number two above), my Volvo does not. But with fold-down third-row seating and room for five passengers, I get picked to drive for my youngest daughter’s class field trips (I actually like doing this) (what?) (I really do). It was also awesome for helping Courtney move in May, and it was great for taking a two-week road trip that included Kristen & Adam’s wedding preparation and festivities in June. I have had the car for two years now, and after several days on pain medication (see number six below) I finally named my car, Ikea, owing to its very large size and being Swedish.

6. Immediately upon my return home following the wedding, I had a tooth extraction and bone graft (to be followed by a dental implant in a few months) and the aforementioned pain medication. Apparently, so much pain medication was involved during my recovery period that when our family played Scattergories one evening, the letter rolled was “D,” and under the category of brand names Laura wrote “Darvocet.” True story.

7. I put off this extraction/bone graft procedure until after the wedding because I knew that I would need all of my energy to pull up my Spanx before the ceremony. And because I was a tad freaked out about the source of the “donor material,” a euphemism for BONE TAKEN FROM SOME UNKNOWN PERSON’S CORPSE, that would be grafted into my head. Think about it! If Albert DeSalvo were the donor, I might end up wanting to strangle someone at the wedding. As it turns out, I’ve been having random urges to marry a billionaire and become a TrimSpa spokesperson, so guess who it is that I’m thinking provided the “donor material” for my bone graft?

8. Possibly still under the influence of Darvocet (not an endorsement, obviously), I asked my wife if we could throw an African-themed Bon Voyage for Jamie (who was on her way to Swaziland) and Happy Birthday party for Courtney’s dog, Rafiki (aka “thebrindledog”). True Story. Kate read Go Dog Go to the children and the piñata was filled with doggy treats. Also True Stories.

9. I have tickets to see Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour concert. Duh. I am so excited and expect to be having my usual multiple Lambergasms! Duh. I am going with my youngest daughter, my husband, and my wife. Duh. I will be wearing my biker boots and leather bracelet with the metal spikes. Duh. Laura, Kate and I have already planned to put purple streaks in our hair. Duh. But I really need help deciding which of my four (yes, I have four) (what?) Adam Lambert T-shirts to wear:

a., b., c., or d.?
(Sorry I don’t have photos of my chest in the last two shirts, Stu.)

10. Finally, I have another decision that I need help with. Not nearly as important as what shirt to wear to the Adam Lambert concert, but still. In fact, I am ashamed to admit this publicly (whereas I don’t mind telling you that I wore painted toe skin and Spanx to my daughter’s wedding), but I am going to need a new washer and dryer, you know, for doing the L-word. Hello, my name is Cheri, and I have done laundry. There. They say that admitting it is the first step in getting rid of the problem. Meanwhile, do you have or plan to buy a particular washer/dryer that you like/dislike? Tell me. Please.

So. That’s it. Except that during my new-agey-clichéd living-in-the-present-moment blogging break that may or may not last all summer or fall or until Tuesday, I plan to continue some random drive-by visiting of OPBs (Other People’s Blogs). Until then . . . please help me with numbers 9 and 10 above. Thank you.

Love, Cheri


P.S. I’m off the Darvocet now. True Story. Heh.

35 comments on “Dear Deb, Debbie, and Whom It May Concern:”

  1. Ahhhh, this was a breath of fresh air. How I love thee.

    a. Kristen is beautiful.
    b. I loved the photos, and I want more.
    c. I cherish every day that my toenails are trouble free thanks to you.
    d. Ikea is an AWESOME name for your Vulva.
    e. I miss Jamie already. Even though I haven’t seen her in over a year. Yes. Nor have I see you in over a year.
    f.I vote d. The green shirt brings out your eyes, I bet.
    g. What is Tom wearing?
    h. What is Kate wearing?
    i. What is Laura wearing?
    j. I don’t know much about washing machines or dryers. I just know that I like those trendy, tall fancy front loading ones now.
    k. I’m glad you’re off the Darvocet now. I’m sure it didn’t go well with your gin. Or maybe it went way too well.
    l. xoxoxo

  2. Hi Cheri
    Love your blog…You can’t stop, I just started reading and I love it! Thanks for sharing your photos, gorgeous daughters you have. Congratulations to your family, hope you’re feeling better and on the mend in time for Adam!

  3. Gorgeous wedding — gorgeous bride, gorgeous groom, gorgeous Cheri, gorgeous Cheri’s family. You all look so happy and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photos.

    My two fave Lambert shirts are the green and the black. Green for color and bringing it out in your eyes. Black because (duh) it’s cool. And would def go with studs and leather and whatnot.

  4. You all look incredible in those wedding photos — esp. the bride, as it should be. And I heartily approve of your wedding finery toenail solution.

    The green shirt will highlight your eyes but the star shirt shows you’ve been a long-time fan… so I pick A or D.
    I’d totally get one of those raised-up front loaders. Cherry Red!
    What color is Ikea? And is it okay that I have some leftover pain meds stashed in a drawer for next time?

  5. Number 7 totally weirded me out – I had not idea that corpses were involved. And I’m no help with picking out a washer. I could write an entire post about how betrayed I feel by my laundry machine (among other appliances).

  6. A warning with your blog please like, “Don’t eat cheese fries while reading as I’m going to talk about toes and bone grafts.” But you’re worth a few gagged up cheese frieds because I miss you and love you so much.

    Photos – awesome. duh.

    Tshirt the white one – it’s so – yeah just so.

    And a serious thing on washers if you want or just skip this – my mom just bought a new whirlpool toploader that senses the clothes and figures out how much water – supposed to be so eco friendly and wash better and yaddah yaddah. it has no agitator thingy in the middle. but it lacks the one feature I find totally amazing – my daughter’s college washers TEXT THEM WHEN IT IS FINISHED SO THEY KNOW TO COME EMPTY THE WASHER/DRYER. No I am not kidding. I need reminders. I hate laundry.

    Love love love your blogging but as an absentee blogger this summer, I totally get you.

  7. What a wonderful wedding! Gorgeous everybody. D. is the shirt you should choose. So glad you had no wardrobe or make up malfunctions on the big day, but awful about the laundry and the bone graft and tooth and toenail.
    Miss you, but happy your break is going well. Does this mean we can see other people? You know, if we’re on a break?

  8. My vote is for tshirt c. Sorry to read that your toe hasn’t cooperated but your toe-polish solution was very creative! Well-done!

    Beautiful bride; great dress! The whole family looked wonderful, especially you since you were likely in dental pain!

    As for laundry machines, when I go out shopping next time (& it should be soon considering that ours are about 13 years old), I’ll be searching for the Miele brand with the high pedestal and possibly the extra-large capacity. We love our new Miele dishwasher.

  9. Beautiful dress, designers, all that stunning draping. Hope I am using correct dress design terminology here. Her bouquet is spectacular – such deep colors contrasting with the gray. Nice touch.

    I want to do what you’re doing – Weeds and AD are two series I hope to watch from beginning to end. Ad Big Love to the list and my TV viewing lust is complete.

    Sorry about your medical woes. Toe woe? Seriously, immune system boosting vibes being sent your way.

  10. i’m an expert! i’m an expert!
    well not really, but since i just bought a clothes washer last month, i feel semi-qualified.
    i got a maytag performance series 4.5 cu. ft. front load washer. i got it online with free delivery and and and… pacific gas and electric gave me a $50 rebate because it is an energy efficient washer. and i love it.
    i like tee shirt b. if i squint, the design reminds me a little of a chicken. the corner of the eye is a beak, and the rest looks like feathers.
    i squint when i take my glasses off. sometimes i squint with them on too. by way of authentication (veritas), i have never seen elvis in an oil stain or on a muffin top.
    isn’t it odd that nothing happened at the wedding? something *always* happens at weddings: somebody gets too drunk, the florist delivers the wrong flowers, the groom comes up missing, aunt millie falls over a table. i got a huge, juicy zit on my cheek on my wedding day, so i speak from experience.
    kristen looks beautiful. i’m happy everything turned out perfectly. you have every reason to be satisfied and proud of your family.
    best wishes.

  11. 1. daughter’s dress is gorgeous!
    2. I got a Kenmore from Sears and I’ve been happy so far. Now, of course, it will break, just b/c i said that. I’m a Jew, that’s how we think.
    3. Good for you, for taking time for you
    4. Thank u for offering to give me ten grand as a birthday gift…
    5. Wait, what? 4 doesn’t exist?

  12. Cheri,

    I’m voting for c or d since, as you stated, there are no photos of you in those. I’m a simple man with simple needs…

    Congrats to Kristen & Adam.


  13. i’m barely over the fact that a) you wrote this to me (and deb and whomever) and b) there was no hawt toe doctor involved?!?!?! man. i was so planning on living vicariously through that!!!
    The wedding pictures are unbelievably gorgeous….and that dress?? oh man. so beautiful.
    you all throw a damn good wedding!! Love the photo booth shots!!!
    Ikea? do you know that Japanese people would be calling her “ee-kay-ya”. true story. makes me crazy.
    the party? so many ways that was cool.
    the t-shirt? i’m partial to the white one…but yeah, if you must buy a new one, then…go for it.
    washing machine/drier combo? i know nada of these things as my washing machine would fit in the back of your Ikea and drier? what? you mean you can dry your clothes inside? with heat? no. way.
    left over darvocet? really?
    so glad you’re back…if even for a little bit….
    {{hugs}} to you, your wife, and all that you hold dear.

  14. Kristen’s. Dress. Ohmagosh. Beautiful!

    I vote D. And laundry? We’ve been living at the pool so I just keep buying new swimsuits instead of doing laundry. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do when it starts to snow…

    Good for you for taking a bloggy break to live in the real world for a bit. But come back soon. We miss you.

  15. i have cadaver bone material in my jaw too.
    i love the ‘i’m busy taking a break’ comment you made in the first paragraph.
    an observation: tongue in cheek has new meaning when it is someone elses tongue in your mouth. lol

  16. Your daughters are very beautiful. I love the wedding dress! What a talent. I can’t even design an outfit to wear to Costco, much less a wedding dress!

    It was good to catch up. See you this fall, or next Tuesday.

  17. I love the last photo in the wedding shots you posted. Life, love, bonding, all of it.

    And we just bought a used washer and dryer to save money. They are so old it makes me think they will last forever.

    You’re funny… and nice!

  18. First, why are you grabbing your crotch in picture B?

    Second, go green. Choose D.

    Third, I don’t do laundry. I wear my clothes a dozen times w/o washing and then just throw them away.

    Fourth, I need money. It’s true. Stop by and see why.

    Fifth, XO =)

  19. Sarah:

    First, oh my gosh, I am grabbing my crotch. Heh. I’m adjusting my unit, obviously.

    Second, it’s looking like that’s the majority of votes. I think I should bedazzle the eyes on the shirt though.

    Third and fourth, if you stop throwing away your clothes and wash them instead you won’t need money. Duh.


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