Laura and Henry learned the following during their edu-ma-cational field trip to Las Vegas:

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,
unless your mom is a blogger.
Bob’s Big Boy is still around.
All you need is love.
Gondolas were first used to transport goods down the narrow canals of Venice, not to entertain children in Las Vegas as many people think.
Even in wax, he proves unlikable.
Even in wax, she proves to be the people’s princess.
A woman’s place is behind this podium.
What happens in the closet stays in the closet,
unless your mom is a blogger.
With the help of two moms and a girlfriend, and guy can be coaxed into posing for a romantic photo by a fountain.

For more photos from our trip, and to see just how close Laura and Henry came to being removed from our custody by Child Protective Services, click on over to the Las Vegas 2007 photo set at flickrthismom!

5 comments on “Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors”

  1. It got worse when we had them pose with Jenna Jameson, but please don’t turn us in… it was TOTALLY educational. I swear.

    Hey you, pass the martini and cigarettes.

  2. No cigarettes! I breathed enough second-hand to last me a lifetime. Just the martinis, please.

    P.S. I’m such a dork. I had to Google “Jenna” when we got home (which name I saw on her “belt”) so I’d even know who she was.

  3. Me too. Especially after I heard on NPR this morning that one of Heff’s gals is named Wilkinson. I got worried that Henry might be a relative. 🙂

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