On a more serious note,
if you live in California,
before you cast your vote on Proposition 8,
please check out my previous post:
Gay Marriage and Christianity: A View From a Pew.
And for another view about legalized same-sex marriage
read this rabbi’s message:
CLICK HERE and then scroll to
“Protecting Marriage — Really.”

19 comments on “Cheri’s Boyfriend and Laura say . . .”

  1. Damn, Laura officially rocks my shit.

    Between this and the Palin impression pictures I can’t stop laughing at totally inappropriate times.


  2. Do NOT give me any more reasons why I have to trade in my LG for an iPhone! It will break my Bossy pledge!

    Laura is a trip and clearly an old soul. Happy Halloween, Laura (and Cheri)

  3. You know…I really wish that you two would just learn how to relax and have fun! 😀

    I do NOT need an I-Pod…I do NOT need an I-Pod…I do need an I-Pod

    Happy Halloween to you too!!! Hey..question…did the Laura and the kids at her school do anything for Halloween? (I’m taking a poll for some students!!)

  4. Debbie:

    It is an iPhone. And, yes, you do.

    The kids at Laura’s school are dressing up, having a “party” (i.e., snack of chemicals and sugar), and then participating in a Halloween Revue at which each grade takes the stage to sing a song.

    Laura is going as Count Duckula I will be the only mom dressed as Sarah Palin. I will be carrying a stuffed moose in a Bloomingdale’s bag. Oh yes I will.

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