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It Could Happen: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Clark! I don’t want to spend the holidays dead!

We’re kicking off our fun old fashioned family Christmas by heading out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape and select that most important of Christmas symbols. ~Clark Griswold

Adam Lambert and Cheri going out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh with Clark and Ellen Griswold?

It could happen. Obviously.

We do Christmas Griswold-style in our family.  Hello, my name is Sparky.  I taught my children everything they know about exterior illumination.

Beginning almost twenty-five years ago, it became our family tradition to decorate the tree, put on matching Christmas pajamas, drink eggnog, and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation together.

Over the years, things change because that’s how things work, that’s why.  Children go off to college.  They get married.  A grandson is born.  Granddogs are adopted.  Worst of all, sometimes those very children who gave you stretchmarks, sleepless nights, and bills for everything from braces to wedding dresses, have the audacity to move to other cities or states!  The nerve.

The love and the traditions remain.  Now my two older children Griswold their own homes.  Because they have their own trees to trim and houses on which their exterior illumination skills shine, we wait until we are all together (in matching pajamas) to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation because being together matters most.

Where do you think you’re going? Nobody’s leaving. Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We’re all in this together. This is a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency here. We’re gonna press on, and we’re gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny fucking Kaye. And when Santa squeezes his fat white ass down that chimney tonight, he’s gonna find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse. ~Clark Griswold

It Could Happen: Adam Lambert & Cheri Hitch a Ride

If you’re going to be in an animated feature film, it’s probably a wise move to go with Pixar Animation Studios in California, which has produced fourteen feature films that have grossed over $8 billion worldwide, including Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Up, and Finding Nemo.

Pixar is said to be releasing Inside Out in 2015, a film in which the emotions inside of a girl’s brain are portrayed by Amy Poehler (Joy), Mindy Kaling (Disgust), Bill Hader (Fear), and Phyllis Smith (Sadness).  In 2016, Ellen DeGeneres will be back for Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo.  I’m in to see both.  How about you?

The studio boasts over two dozen Academy Awards, as well as numerous Golden Globe and Grammy Awards.  Pixar began as Lucasfilm’s computer division before Apple funded a corporate spin-off, with Steve Jobs as the major shareholder.  In 2006, Disney purchased Pixar, which was then valued at over $7 billion.

Tow Mater Adam Lambert and CheriHowever, industry awards and big money is not what drove Adam Lambert and me to hitch a ride with Tow Mater.  My little grandson loves the movie Cars, and especially that good ol’ boy, Mater, Radiator Springs’ only tow truck.  Mater is the deuteragonist to Lightning McQueen’s protagonist.  Mater is a bit of a rascal, very friendly and helpful, even if he is a rusty old 1955 Chevy.

Much to my grandson’s delight one day, I discovered that Mater is the protagonist in his own series of shorts called, Cars Toons, which can be found on the Disney Pixar website here and at various spots on YouTube including here.  Cars Toons features Mater telling tall tales of adventures he’s been in such as being a matador (El Materdor), firefighter (Rescue Squad Mater), and rock star (Heavy Metal Mater).  In each story, Mater finds himself in a predicament.  When Lightning McQueen questions the veracity of Mater’s tale, Mater replies, “Don’t you remember?  You was there too!”

One of Mater’s signature lines is “If I’m lyin’, I’m cryin’!”  Mater’s Tall Tales and Cheri’s It Could Happen are like peas and carrots, if you ask me.


It Could Happen: Adam Lambert & Cheri to Judge American Idol

It was announced this week that after thirteen seasons as a judge and mentor, Randy Jackson will be the second-to-last of the original cast to leave American Idol.  Apparently, Ryan Seacrest will stay on.  According to NPR, the show is in decline and Jackson is an example of what’s wrong with it.  Dawgs!  That is harsh.

I haven’t watched American Idol since Season Eight when Adam Lambert wowed me from his first audition performance of Bohemian Rhapsody until he sang with KISS at the finale.  After finishing as first runner-up, which was the result of a vast right-wing conspiracy (WHAT?), Adam’s career path has been stellar, including concerts, tours, albums, and various television roles and performances.  Adam has also returned to Idol as a guest mentor, coach, performer, and stand-in judge.

Billboard has speculated that Jackson’s departure clears the way for Adam to return to Idol as a mentor after he finishes touring with Queen in Europe in 2015.

idol it could happenBlog This Mom!® speculates that Adam, Cheri, and Harry Connick Jr. could be the next group of judges.  I don’t think Harry Connick Jr. is a judge on American Idol any longer, but if Adam and I are going to be judges next season, then we’re bringing Harry Connick Jr. back.  Wouldn’t you?  I have the power to do these things because this is my blog, that’s why.

It could happen.

It Could Happen: Adam Lambert, Cheri, & The Ball Pit Amalgamation

Here I am with Adam Lambert and Dr. Sheldon Cooper in a ball pit.  It could happen.  BAZINGA!


The Big Bang Theory premiered in 2007 and is currently in its eighth season.  The ensemble cast is brilliant, with Dr. Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) at the comedic helm.  Sheldon is a high-IQ theoretical physicist, who earned his PhD at the age of 16.  Sheldon’s roommate is Leonard Hofstadter (played by Johnny Galecki), a PhD employed as an experimental physicist.  Leonard is the straight man to Sheldon’s humor, which in large part highlights the contrast between Sheldon’s academic genius and social/emotional cluelessness.  Their beautiful neighbor, Penny (whose last name on the show has never been revealed), attended community college for a while.  Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) is not the academic equal of the other characters on the show, but she has street smarts and good looks, which the others lack for the most part in keeping with their “geek” stereotype.

A number of real-life scientists have made guest appearances on the show, including Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking.  Also, various actors and other famous folk have appeared, such as Bob Newhart, Billy Bob Thornton, Steve Wozniak, and Wil Wheaton.  Wil Wheaton appeared as himself in several (brilliantly acted) guest appearances as Sheldon’s (devastatingly handsome) nemesis; Wil Wheaton later becomes friends with the main characters in subsequent guest appearances. 

Wil Wheaton is mentioned in particular because here at Blog This Mom!® we like him a lot in the most non-stalker-y way possible.  Wil Wheaton is the best guy ever and probably should run for president in 2016 or at least governor of California, which practically has being an actor as a prerequisite anyway.  Also, this entire paragraph has nothing to do with the hope that Wil Wheaton will not sue me or file a restraining order over the photo that may end up as Exhibit 1 at my trial of him holding Mary Petrie’s novel, At the End of Magic, in which Wil Wheaton’s good looks and charm abound.  The aforementioned photo can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.  The purpose of this paragraph is to remind my nine readers that you have until Saturday, November 8th to CLICK HERE to enter to win an autographed copy of At the End of Magic and/or a spot in the online book club with the author, Mary Petrie.

Now, back to The Big Bang Theory and It Could Happen because I’m all about the smooth segue, as you can tell.  In the episode in which Sheldon ends up in the ball pit as pictured above, he has gone without sleep for several days obsessively trying to solve a problem concerning electrons.  Sheldon breaks into an arcade and asks Leonard to help him sort the balls into protons and neutrons; antics ensue when Leonard goes in after him.  Bazinga! is what Sheldon says when he’s successfully fooled someone.  Here’s a clip.  Enjoy!

What if Adam Lambert and I popped out of the ball pit?  It could happen. 

Around the Internet on Throwback Thursdays, people post old photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  But on Thursdays at Blog This Mom!® we don’t look back.  Instead, we post photos in a series called “It Could Happen.”  It Could Happen photos at Blog This Mom!® always involve Adam Lambert because Adam Lambert, that’s why.

It Could Happen: Adam Lambert and Cheri Visit the Haunted Mansion

Halloween is a perfect time to visit the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland with Adam Lambert.  It could happen.


Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion is a “spirited” tour through a haunted estate.  Doom buggies carry passengers through a ghost-filled mansion and grounds.  It is spooktacular year-round and gets a special makeover Jack Skellington-style for Christmas each year.  At the end of the ride, you will be warned to watch out for hitchhiking ghosts.  Take that warning seriously.  Hitchhiking ghosts are real, as you can see from the photograph.

hitchhiking ghostsHappy Halloween!


On Throwback Thursdays or #tbt, people post old photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  But on Thursdays at Blog This Mom!® we don’t look back.  Instead, we post photos in a series called “It Could Happen.”  It Could Happen photos at Blog This Mom!® always involve Adam Lambert because Adam Lambert, that’s why.

Note:  There’s still time!  You have until 11:59 PM PST on November 8th to enter to win an autographed copy of At the End of Magic and/or to be one of eight lucky readers to participate in an online book club meeting on Skype with the author, Mary Petrie.  All you have to do is leave a comment here.

at the end of magic small

It Could Happen: Adam Lambert & Cheri Debate!

On Throwback Thursday or #tbt, people post old photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  But on Thursdays at Blog This Mom!® we don’t look back.  Instead, we post photos in a series called “It Could Happen.”


Election Day is November 4, 2014.  It is a midterm election year.  All 435 seats in the House and 1/3 of the seats in the Senate are up for grabs.  There are also various state and local races to be decided.

It is important to be informed about the issues and candidates.  Therefore, I have been watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  It is also important to understand the political process.  Accordingly, I have been re-watching every episode of The West Wing on Netflix.

DebateClearly, Adam Lambert and I are ready to debate anyone, anytime.

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