Me: “Laura, do you have carabiners in your earrings?”

Laura: “Hehehehehe. Yeah.”

Me: “Did you wear those to school today?”

Laura: “Hehehehehe. Yeah.”

Me: “You went out the door with those things in your ears this morning and I didn’t notice?”

Laura: “Hehehehehe. Yeah.”

Me: “Holy crap.”

Laura: “Am I in trouble?”

Me: “No. I am.”

Laura: “Hehehehehe. Yeah.”

23 comments on “Carabiners Are the New Hoops”

  1. At least she hasn’t started wearing them directly in her ears. Those carabiners look to be between 10 and 8 gauge. I’m not saying having 8 gauge piercings is a bad thing, however, it would be quite unique on someone Laura’s age.

  2. I’m so sorry, but…does that not start to hurt after awhile?? ow! i’m such a weenie…I think ‘ll start with something a little not-so-big…..what does Laura suggest?
    and really? you didn’t see her leave the house like that?? man. i bet your older girls are pissed about that. amazing how reeeelaaaaaxed we get with the younger ones!!! 😉

  3. Take heart – at least she wasn’t hiding anything from you and you’ll both notice when her earlobes have stretched down to her shoulders. Until then, it’s an interesting fashion statement. 😉
    Is she taking up rock climbing?

  4. A push-up bra for her earlobes–love it!
    but she could carry her water bottle on one side and her backpack on the other. SO versatile! And cooler than fishing lures as earrings (the rage in these parts).

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