And the $25 Amazon gift card goes to . . .

Michael Barrow

By the way, just in case anyone is thinking that the photo caption contest was rigged just because Michael Barrow is the smartest and hottest real estate mogul in San Diego Michael Barrow is my friend, I printed out the comments, blacked out the names, and Tom picked the winning caption.

By the way, Tom said that there were many excellent entries, but Michael’s was the clear winner. (And I agree with Tom, as I always do, which you might have imagined if you were stoned.) Go back and check out the comments, they were a riot. San Diego Hermit gets honorable mention for the most entries. He’s pretty darn funny, too.

By the way, if you have real estate questions or needs in the San Diego area (commercial or residential), contact Michael at Neely, Barrow & Associates or keep your finger on the pulse of the real estate market with Michael by checking out Buy, Sell or Blog?

By the way, I was neither offered nor paid to say any of that nice stuff about Michael. In fact, that little plug for Michael actually cost me a $25 Amazon gift card, so clearly I learned NOTHING about monetizing my blog at the tweetup.

By the way, how many paragraphs can begin with “by the way” before Officer Strunk and Officer White come and haul me away?

(Grammar police car photo jacked from Google Images.)

17 comments on “By the Way, We Have a Winner . . .”

  1. Heck, I awarded him your prize when I made my entry. There was just no topping that one. (my dh thought so, too)
    Congratulations to Michael!

  2. Good going Michael!!
    Spend that money wisely and not on foolish things!

    and i’m curious, cheri…what is “part 1” of the sex talk? how many parts are there? is there a time-line here i should be following?

  3. By the way, I still haven’t found his entry.

    By the way am I missing it?

    By the way, I would never imagine accusing you of a bias of any sort.

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