These are the most delicious cookies on the planet, probably even the galaxy, probably even in every galaxy. My in-laws sent us a dozen of them for Christmas. It probably would have gotten ugly around here if the three of us had to split the booty evenly, but I opened them first and ate a half-dozen before I knew what hit me. WHAT?

My in-laws sent us two dozen for Valentine’s Day.

Tom and Laura are sick.

Advantage Cheri. (Again.)

NOTE: This is not a paid product endorsement or advertisement. I wrote this post and included a hyperlink to the Brown Butter Cookie website because Holy Mother of Everyone Who Is Now or Has Ever Been Holy these cookies are the best cookies E.V.E.R. And, yes, my dear MIL, this means that I’m still giving away my writing for free. I love you, too.


27 comments on “Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies Are the New Crack”

  1. so….what you’re telling us is that whole “i’m not eating any sugar” thing you had going on is now over?!?!
    and no….i’m not clicking that link either. no. i. am. not. (not right now anyway…)

  2. You always have the best of luck: opening the gift first, Tom & Laura being ill so getting first dibbs on the cookies each time. May your luck continue!

  3. I do NOT need another vice. Really. Keep these cookies all to yourself. I’m calling the cookie police. After I’ve ordered a box first to confirm….

  4. I think you should give these away to each of us, just to make up for the torture of this post.
    And then we will all be hooked on this new crack. The company will love you.

  5. It’s like the universe hates me. I make this pledge to go off sugar, and bam – this post.

    Dear Universe, I hate you, too. Love, Steph

    P.S. I still love Cheri, though.
    P.P.S. OICWUDT with the word verification being sughtes. Sug hates? WAY TO BE OBVIOUS, Universe!

  6. A giveaway would be a great idea, but for the fact that if I were to obtain more Brown Butter Sea Salt cookies, there is a high probability that I would eat said cookies prior to said giveaway because, hello, I wasn’t joking about these cookies being the new crack.

  7. well crap.
    i just bought some girl scout cookies.
    coconut with chocolate stripes. i didn’t buy them because they looked good. i bought them because i knew their parents.
    i’m taking them to work tomorrow and hope somebody wants them.

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