********Announcing the Birth of

Blogthis Didnot!

Yeah, it has been three months since the wedding, but who’s counting?

I was hanging out over at BOSSY’s yesterday. While I was there, after BOSSY and I did each other’s hair and made prank calls, I spied with my little eye a link to the Volkswagen RoutanBabymaker3000 website. First, I made a baby with Johnny Depp who looks like this:

+ =


Yes, the baby is named Deppalicious. I let John choose the baby’s name because celebrities are really good at that. Then I noticed that Deppalicious looks an awful lot like BOSSY and John Cusack’s baby. An. Awful. Lot. Alike.

I have concluded that someone around here has been cheatin’. And, yes, I have a couple of suspects in mind.

Meanwhile, after Trish posted some gory pictures on her blog, she helped a sister out by creating little Blogthis Didnot with pictures of Blog This Mom! and katydidnot, which sort of makes Trish a fertility specialist, technologically speaking.

In case you’re wondering why I am the dad, well, hop over to San Diego Blog Bitches and look at the shoe photos on the masthead. Click over. Do it now. Did you see the black motorcycle boots? They’re mine. So, yeah, Daddy Cheri.

Kate and I ask that you not send baby gifts. We do, however, want cash, checks, and Apple gift cards.

(Photos not the property of Blog This Mom! and katydidnot were jacked at i am bossy and Google Images.)

33 comments on “Blogthis Didnot Has Arrived!”

  1. Lovely offspring. But, oh, dear god, we now have virtual baby showers! You do want the cash, checks and Apple gift certificates in virtual form, right?

  2. So who did BD get his big ears from?

    And now I want to put up a pics of my dh and me, just to see what our babies are supposed to look like!

    Oh, and motorcycle boots are hawt.

  3. um. so i know i’m supposed to comment on our baby. but i just noticed that you have a label called ‘kate’.

    i adore you. i have my own label.

    (also, please make sure that my half of the cash, checks and apple gift cards gets to me right away.)

  4. I knew the two of you would produce an awesome baby. However, I have to tell you, your baby with Johnny Depp creeps me out a little. Just sayin’ – no offense.

  5. The Canadian dollar has so devalued against the American dollar that it is worth nothing. I’m sending you a virtual Canadian cheque but don’t get too excited.

    As for the motorcycle boots, do you ride a Harley or Yamaha?

  6. Let me get this right…you two have only been married for 3 months and yet….little BD is already…how old? hmmmm…either a)there was some pre-marital hanky-panky going on or b)I’d be asking for a paternity test, there Dad.
    The numbers just don’t really add up….you might be right with that “fooling around” concept going on.
    But…best wishes to the three of you…sending cash, checks and Apple gift cards even as I type.

  7. True story: I was dating this guy and we went to a Dave & Busters with a bunch of friends. In a moment of drunken debauchery, we decided to do one of those “here’s what your kid would look like” things.


    I broke up with the guy shortly thereafter. For other reasons, er, I think …

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