I have found the Lord and She is good!!!

Her name is Rebecca Wood. I have never heard of her before this day, this wonderful day, this day that I found her by Google, and yes, I’m high on sugar.

Laura and I made this pie tonight, following the recipe exactly. A sugar pie pumpkin about 10-12 inches across made about three cups of puree (i.e., a cup or so left over for SOUP!). We used all organic ingredients from the cream to the butter to the eggs to the sugar to the spices. For the pastry flour in the crust, we used organic Arrowhead Mills pastry flour. We got our organic sugar pie pumpkin from Whole Foods.

This pie was the best, freshest pie I have ever eaten. Kristen, remember how we talked about tasting the other spices? We could! We could! The crust was flaky and light, but still rich and flavorful. The filling was fluffy and light, but still rich and flavorful. Not all heavy and lacking pizazz and laden with sugar, like a store-bought pie or a pie made from canned pumpkin.


This was BETTER.


How LONG does it take to COME DOWN FROM SUGAR?

Also, we blanched the seeds, spread them on a baking sheet coated with a wee bit of olive oil, baked them at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes, stirred occasionally, waited until they were about to look toasted, and then seasoned them with sea salt and ate them warm. This caused all three of us to swoon (Tom, Laura and me). OMG.

Try this recipe. Heh. Can you people believe that I actually said “recipe?” It must be good.

(And, yes, Hot Mike from the gym, I will go running with you at least two times next week to pay for my sugar-flour-butter-cream-eating sins.)

25 comments on “Blogging Under the Influence”

  1. Welcome to Heaven. You’ll never go back.

    I have 12 pumpkins on my back porch just waiting to be roasted and pureed. Hopefully, that will be enough to last us for the next year. We eat a lot of pumpkin.

  2. OK, I went to the recipe and Rebecca writes: “With your fingertips, quickly and deftly rub the butter into the flour to make a dry, crumbly mixture…”

    I have to be quick AND deft?

    That simply isn’t possible.

    So when can I come over and taste some of your pie?
    (That sounded like porno dialogue.)

  3. I have TOTALLY started collecting recipes from my bloggy friends. You could put a whole BLOGGY RECIPE book together. I love this one. It sounds great. Can you put vodka in it? (my dr. seriously told me he has a recipe for pie crust that you put vodka in. I’m not kidding…)

  4. Yum, now I’m going to need to hide my car keys so I don’t drive to Costco and get myself one of their giant pumpkin pies! (because I just don’t have the energy at the moment to bake my own)

  5. Saving it now. But I laugh at the fools who spend all that money and time making pumpkin puree from scratch. Oh wait. Sorry. I didn’t mean to say that out loud. 😉

  6. …am having a hard time typing….wiping tears off face…clicking keys…hard to do…so sad right now…i lurve pumpkin pie…try to make but…it just isn’t the same..sniff sniff..sniff.
    did you also have fresh wipped cream? oh mmmaaaannnnnnn.
    i wonder if costco has pies?
    will print out the recipe just in case i ever feel adventurous.

  7. I LOVE the taste of pumpkin, but find the whole carving thing disgusting (my poor kid). If I could find some fresh puree, then I’d be totally willing to try this recipe (sounds delish!).

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