Sure the holiday-related activities kept me from my keyboard, but mostly I haven’t been able to write freely because there has been a squatter in my office. Her name is Courtney. I like to write in the early morning hours and Courtney likes to sleep then. When Courtney is awake and I try to write, she keeps talking to me. “Courtney, do you hear the keys clicking? That means I’m not listening.” But she’s not listening to me either, and so she keeps talking. Courtney will be leaving for London on Saturday. And, attention all burglars: The rest of us will be in Arizona over the weekend to visit Tom’s grandmother. Oma is 97. After that I suspect that I will be able to get back into my much-loved routine of wasting way too much, er, spending quality time at my computer. Meanwhile, what Trish said.

2 comments on “Blogger, Interrupted”

  1. I have to second Adam. Some people just don’t understand the quality time with the computer. Race car drivers must spend time in their car, and computer people must spend time with their computers; it’s just what they have to do.

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