OMG! My Google Reader says 241!!!

I lugged my laptop thousands of miles so that I could email, post to my blog, and read your blog posts, only to arrive at my destination to find that the THE INTERNET CONNECTION AT THE HOTEL WAS DOWN. DOWN. ALL THE WAY DOWN. ALL WEEK LONG!!! ALL THROUGH THE ENTIRE HOTEL! It was even down in the business center where real business people who really need Internet connectivity should have it, except that real business people, of course, don’t need networks because they have one of these:

People of the Blogosphere, I don’t have a CrackBerry BlackBerry because if I did I would be reading your posts while eating, grocery shopping, driving, attending church, and having sex pedicures. So . . . I limit myself to my laptop and a cable modem, but then this . . .

No, I did not travel to a third-world country. I was in flippin’ Maryland. Next to Washington D.C., where the Internet was practically invented (depending on whose story you believe). And I HAD NO INTERNET. It was unthinkable. It was horrible. And then I came home this afternoon. This very afternoon. And guess what? I had Internet. For about an hour. And then guess what? POOF! Gone! NO INTERNET!!!


Then it came back on. So I sent out two emails. Then it died. Then it came back on. Then I started writing this post. Then it died before I hit “Publish Post.” Then I unplugged the cable modem. But that didn’t work. And I did some other stuff that didn’t work. Then I called the cable company and while I was on hold it came back on. So I hung up before it was my turn. Then before I could hit “Publish Post” it died again. Then I unplugged the modem again. And again. And I did some other stuff. Now it is back on. For how long? Who knows? Maybe I’ll have to break down and get me one of them dang BlackBerry-type deals. Meanwhile, in between outages I will be catching up on my reading, commenting, and posting. Following are some of the posts that I had planned for this week:

Blog This Mom! Responds
(to reader’s questions and comments)

Guest Post #1: From “The Middle Child”

PROMPTuesday #10 (this week it will be LATER THAN Tuesday #10)

Y’all come back now, ya hear? And if you don’t see another post soon, look up in the sky. I’ll have resorted to smoke signals.

30 comments on “Blog This Mom! Has Left the Building?”

  1. So, frustrating! I couldn’t imagine. My husband has a Crackberry and he is always on the darn thing.

    I am looking forward to getting one of the new iphones so I don’t have to bring my baby with me upstairs to the office while I check email and keep her from pulling wires.

  2. I had to take my son to LAX (driving there makes my bowels run so LAXative might be a good nickname). The internet connection in the hotel failed…we survived the night but as I checked out the next morning I heard a lot of complaints.

    And that afternoon, at my own home? Blogger suxxd. It ate my comments.

    And here I was clear across the country from you. Is there a conspiracy??

  3. Sorry to hear about your internet woes. Hopefully it all straightens itself out.

    For the curious:
    The internet started at UCLA in 1969 by Leonard Kleinrock. The second internet node was SRI (Stanford) followed by UCSB (woot!) and then the University of Utah.

    Interesting fact: The very first message between UCLA and SRI crashed the receiving computer.

  4. DON’T GET A BLACKBERRY! Really. I got a PALM Centro at Christmas, and I read blogs while in the bathtub (I’m not lying), while in bed, while at my desk at school! Seriously. I’m addicted to that damn phone!

  5. You need Trish to make you a t-shirt about this. Something along the lives of “I went without internet access for a week and lived to tell about it!”

    Don’t stay up all night blogging–you have a big night out planned tomorrow!

  6. You didn’t mention tears of frustration but I’m sure you had some.
    Are we all addicted to the Internet? Why, yes, we are. Nothing wrong with that – until we lose our connection!!!

  7. This is very frustrating, for sure!! For my Birthday I asked for one of those new fangle Sprint thingy’s – I don’t even know what the thing is called, but you plug it in your computer and you receive a signal (telephone) to connect to the internet – ANYWHERE! I protect this little gadget with my life – I LOVE THE THING. It’s not cheap, though – but, one day the price will go down and everyone of us will have one – it will be the norm. Until then, it is GOLD to me!

    Hope you are/had a good time in Maryland. Take care – Kellan

  8. Wow. Just stumbled on to your blog and boy can I relate! I about have a breakdown if I can’t access the internet.

    Luckily work as DSL. Work…oh crap. I’m supposed to be working. Gotta go.

  9. Must be summer. I can’t keep up either, and I feel like I am ignoring my friends.

    (The crackberry is strong in my hubby. I always threaten to steal it from him.)

  10. I feel your pain. Mid-move, I had no internet for about 5 days. I could have vomited. Thank goodness for Starbucks.

    (And let’s get the new iPhone together, not a Crackberry.)

  11. I just got a blackberry a few days ago because my laptop went down. I’m going to be out of town for 10 days & I knew I wouldn’t be able to survive without access to the Internets 😉

    Glad to have you back!

  12. Oh Cheri, there is NOTHING worse than technology not working. Nothing gets my blood pressure rising faster. I hope it gets fixed REAL SOON. If not, I’ll be looking to the sky.

    Hang in there!

    Heidi 🙂

  13. My home computer got hit by lightening and the internet part of it got fried.
    It’s in the shop now for repairs, so I feel your pain.
    At least I have work internet, thank Gawd!!

  14. That would drive me NUTS!! I’m trying to convince my husband to take a little internet break, but I’m not sure he’d make it for more than a day!

  15. Gosh…I’m sorry…I haven’t seen you on this boat…the “SS Pain in the Ass Internet”!!
    Let’s meet up and have a margarita…upper deck, say…4-ish?!?!
    Glad to know you’re back…you were missed!!!

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