While the many of our favorite bloggers were gathered together in San Francisco last weekend to try to touch the hem of Bossy’s garment at for BlogHer, without us, the San Diego Blog Bitches decided to try to suck it up and make the best of things here at home.

We had fine food. Seriously, Mel’s beans were the epitome of fine, so fine we didn’t even need Beano, despite that one of us everyone ate four servings.

We ate dessert from The Bakery That Cannot Be Named because The Bakery That Cannot Be Named can’t spell and refused to fix the lettering or replace the cake when one of us drove All The Way Back There. Bloggers Unite! Never do business with The Bakery That Cannot Be Named. (But as she’s wont to do, Jenn made everything okay by proclaiming that “BITH” stood for “Bitches In The House,” and we decided that could live with that. Plus Jenn made a Most Excellent Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake with which we worked ourselves into an orgasmic frenzy consoled ourselves.)

We practiced our excellent parenting and photography skillz. See how nicely our children posed for us?

We barely stood still long enough to pose for a class photo of our own.

The Petite Bitches learned to reach for the stars from a Most Excellent Role Model (Aaryn of thematically fickle).

And, not to be outdone by those broads movers and shakers at BlogHer, we had swag bags too. We even have our own BitchHer ’08 logo on our swag bags. The logo was designed by a True Professional (and she can design websites and all manner of other design-y things for you too). Each blogger contributed a special item to fill our bags with Bitchy goodness.

Can I let you in on a little secret? Don’t let their name fool you. The San Diego Blog Bitches are not a clique of exclusive mean girls. So guess what? You can be a Bitch too, even if you don’t live in San Diego. And? You can even carry the baggage that the San Diego Blog Bitches carry!

Here’s how you can win
a BitchHer ’08 bag of your own!

Starting at the top of the mosaic, and going from L to R, number the photos 1-9, and then match the item in the photo with the blogger who attended BitchHer listed on the blogroll below. (Photo number 5, the center photo, is like a Bingo FREE space; it is the Bitch’s trademark shoe-love photo.) Enter your guesses in the comment section. On August 1, the dillettante behind the curtain at Blog This Mom! will put the names in a hat and Laura will draw one. The winner’s name will be posted here, and I will send her (or Stu) a BitchHer ’08 bag!!!

BitchHer ’08 Blogroll (and some BitchHer recaps):

A. This is Trish’s Blog (Trish)
B. Jenn at Juggling Life (Jenn)
C. katydidnot (Kate)
D. Mel, A Dramatic Mommy (Melanie)
E. thematically fickle (Aaryn)
F. Little Dragon Fruit (Sam)
G. San Diego Momma (Deb)
H. Blog This Mom! (Cheri)

Jamie was absent (hence the one empty shoe in the photo in the middle of the mosaic). We really missed her. But we marked her excused because her mom brought the swag items Jamie got us from Anthoropologie her shoe.

Click here for more BitchHer ’08 photos.

31 comments on “BitchHer 2008 – The Unplugged & Unauthorized Edition”

  1. No comments? Figures nobody wants to comment on womens’ bitchiness … its a trap boys, we’ve seen this before and we know what to do … just step slowly backward and leave the room before she notices you.

  2. Just give me the bag, alright? I should at LEAST get a sympathy vote because we don’t get to have NEAR as much fun as you guys here in NE. Seriously. If I ever get to come to BitchHer, I’d even bring my H**ker shoes.

  3. I almost have to do a split screen to make my guess:

    2.Blog This Mom
    4.She of the red ponytail, prone to explosion -Kate
    5.Juggling Life Jenn
    6. Aaryn (I think those are Ruby’s toes.)
    8. Melanie

    You look like you had a fabulous time.

  4. Yeah….what STu just said!!!
    (Is he actually eligible to enter since he WAS the “official” pool boy…he might have some inside info…or just REALLY know you all REALLY well!!)

    You bitches sure know how to party.
    Next summer…I’m there…whether I’m invited or not…’cause I, too, can be a bitch.
    (I make a mean pineapple salsa!!…just saying!!

  5. 1. Trish’s A
    2. BlogThisMom H
    3. SD Momma G
    4. KatyDID C
    5. signature shoes (whose are whose, bonus ?)
    6. Juggling B
    7. Thematically E
    8. Dragon F
    9. Dramatic D

  6. I love this post, Cheri! The mosaic is so cool! Not sure if I’m totally lame that I can’t figure it out and I was THERE. 😉

    And Mel, you will always be more popular than your beans, good as they were. 😉

  7. Damn it. I’m getting all pouty again for missing out. Thanks for representing with the killer shoe. If only I were that glitzy.

    LOVE the homework project. Too cool Cheri!

  8. Oh, my…what a delicious group of ladies and a great giveaway idea. I am not even going to do it-guess, because I’m like that. Chicken. I want in on this SD business. Can LA girls come party, too?

    Thanks so much for popping by my blog last week and leaving a lovely comment.

    Jenn’s cake looks AMAZING!

  9. Wow this was fun! I’m learning so much about you guys!
    1. Aaryn
    2. Kate
    3. Trish
    4. Deb
    5. Free space (Great shoes)
    6. Jenn
    7. Sam
    8. Cheri
    9. Melanie
    Some are only guesses

  10. OK Ima cheat and say “ditto on what stu said” b/c he seems to know waaaaaaay too much. and I am saddened again at having missed it…I hope you are all safe, by the way. i heard the quake was felt in san diego!

    Now. Give. me. the. Bag. (please)

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