If you haven’t checked out bad mom, then you don’t know Stu. Stu is the man behind Stephanie at bad mom, no doubt checking out her ass admiring her witty writing as he follows her around the Blogosphere leaving a trail of fall-down funny comments in his wake. Although Stu has also graciously volunteered to provide his “services” over at Mrs. G’s Women’s Colony, most recently he stepped up even when he could not fulfill his responsibilities as the volunteer pool boy at BitchHer 2008; Stu found us Mr. Six Pack a suitable substitute to fulfill the San Diego Blog Bitches every fantasy be the San Diego Blog Bitches pool boy in Stu’s absence.

Meanwhile, coming soon . . .

BitchHer 2008 — The Recap by Blog This Mom! (with links to the blogs of the other Bitches attendees so you can read what they had to say about BitchHer too).

and . . .

BitchHer 2008 — Guest Post by Laura and The Girl

14 comments on “Behind Every Great Woman . . .”

  1. And for the first time ever in my life, I wish I lived in So. Cal. I don’t know if I’d be cool enough to join San Diego Blog Bitches, but I’d fake it as best I could.

  2. You caught me. I am always checking…

    I leave a trail of comments because I am too lazy to have my own blog but can not suppress my inner (and outer) smart-ass.


  3. You know…not many can actually get away with wearing that blue sparkly toenail polish…but somebody in that bitchy group certainly did!!!
    I think you all need to come up with a group for all of us who wanna be bitches, just like you, but can’t ’cause we don’t live close enough…just a thought…

  4. Stu may be a smartass, but he also makes great ribs and willingly and lovingly lets my little people party with his little people until Stephanie comes home and all is well with the world again.

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