Last Saturday night, we played the board game, “Battle of the Sexes” with our friends Katy and Jay. If you haven’t played it before, the name of the game really says it all, kind of Billie Jean King versus Bobby Riggs, but with cards instead of tennis rackets and a game board instead of a clay court. The players divide into two teams, men versus women. Each team must answer gender-based trivia questions – designed so that women are asked questions that men would stereotypically be able to answer and vice versa.

We learned a lot more that night than how many lug nuts are on a typical car wheel or what the “Green Monster” is in baseball. You’ve heard of the phenomenon in which the menstrual cycles of women who live or work together tend to synchronize? Well, we found out that a similar phenomenon occurs between men who play together on the same team, but without the maxi pads, of course.

They Point and Read Together
They Brace Themselves Together
They Fold Their Hands and Pray Together

If you think Tom and Jay were fun for us to watch – they were even more amusing to hear. Here are a few snippets from the conversations between Tom and Jay as they would think out loud while trying to answer questions:

“Why do I know so much about Barbra Streisand? I’m scaring myself.”

“Silk comes from a spider.”

“Celion Dion, the bane of all male existence.”

“Who are the other people who’ve won Best Actress?
“Well . . . there’s one every year.”

“What would you be doing if you were instructed to cast on?”
“It’s got to be climbing, fishing, or sailing.”
“Dude, this is a question from a female card.”

“What does a milliner do?”
“I think it’s a drill bit thing.”
“Dude, this is a question from a female card.”

“[Expletive. Laughter.]”
“Whoa. There are children in the house.”
“Well, they should be upstairs.”

“What is toile?”
[Beavis & Butthead voice] “Heh, heh, you said toile.”
“Do you have any idea what toile is?”
“If I did, I’d be bummed.”

“Wasn’t she the actress in Jerry’s Maguire’s Diary?”

So, if you are wondering if Katy and I were able to represent and claim victory for the female gender, no. We lost by the narrow margin of one question. But that’s only because in addition to answering harder questions, we did the cooking, took care of the kids, cleaned the house, did the laundry, and earned 69 cents on the dollar compared to our male counterparts in the workplace. You know what I mean? 😉 Even so, the men won . . . so next time we will call in reinforcements! Billie Jean? We need you!

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  1. LOL! Men are sooo weird! I can’t believe they won. You must have been coaching them. Most guys I know couldn’t even come close to knowing half of the stuff you have to answer in that game. Glad you had fun. And doggone it! Tom is still so darn cute.

  2. Too funny….and Tom makes reeeeallllly adorable “fish faces” when he’s thinking/pointing(?)!!!
    Were you recording this evening for blogging purposes? I have such a hard time remembering what people said that made me laugh BECAUSE I was laughing so hard!!
    I wanna come play…and I’ll bring someone who can speak English…or maybe not…gotta get an edge where you can!!!

  3. “Jerry Maguire’s Diary” totally cracked me up. I think the P-Dawg would fit right in with Tom and Jay. His knowledge of current pop culture is woefully inadequate.

  4. dkuroiwa asks, “Were you recording this evening for blogging purposes? I have such a hard time remembering what people said that made me laugh BECAUSE I was laughing so hard!!”

    After about the twentieth time that I lamented not having my laptop (and forgetting all the funny lines up to that point), Katy got me a pad of paper and a pencil. 🙂

  5. 69 isn’t so bad…

    Great pictures of the guys performing their synchronized gaming routine. I hear it is going to be an Olympic event.


  6. Stu,

    Stop it! Your comments are funnier than the posts. You and Stephanie have an open invitation to come play Battle of the Sexes with us. Maybe Stephanie could pick up something for pot luck at Wild Oats. 😉

  7. I would love to play this game with you guys – and I will definitely bring something for pot luck. Something to eat of course. (I’m afraid my grocery boy might miss his mom too much if I kidnapped him…).

  8. Years ago (that is before children) J and I regularly played board games with our dinner guests. They were the best nights.

    You have reminded me to resume this practise next dinner party!

    And the comments from the menfolk were hilarious.

  9. Oh, how cute and it sounds like so much fun! Great pictures of your funny guys!

    Nice to see you Cheri – thanks for stopping by. Take care – Kellan

  10. Drat…. That sounds like a great day to have been a fly on the wall. Gee. I miss the best parties.
    And you forgot to mention that you were also writing and taking pictures. Talk about multi-tasking. In effect…. in my humble opinion…. you totally won.

  11. We have that game! We used to play it with another couple friend (but they are unfortunately divorced now!)

    If I was on your team I would have been able to help with the “Green Monster” question – the big green wall in left field at Fenway Park in Boston 🙂 The Red Sox are only my most favorite baseball team LOL

    I do have to admit that a lot of the questions on the female cards for the guys I don’t even know – the things on fashion and what not – I don’t know those things LOL It is a fun game though 🙂

    Too funny about the guys doing the same thing in those pictures!

  12. We had the best time, and let me tell ya…lots of laughs! The dang Green Monster – we lost that one on a technicality. I blurted out Fenway Park and didn’t specify the wall! The brilliance of it all is how perfectly Cheri captured the evening with this blog.

  13. oooh that game sounds like SO much fun! Tell the boys that some women like to climb, fish, or sail. too 😉

    Loved your interview over at Mrs. G.’s!

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