Laura (laughing): Mom?

Me: Yeah.

Laura: Can I ask you for a favor?

Me: Yeah.

Laura (still laughing): Don’t cartoon me any more.

Me: Why?

Laura (laughing harder): It’s not you. It’s me.

Me: What?

Laura: My head looks weird.

Me: Oh. Well, it’s a cartoon. That’s on me, not you.

Laura: Don’t worry about it. Even the cartoon guy at the fair made my head look weird.

Me (laughing): Um. Hello. Cartoon?

Laura: You can still put it on your blog or on Facebook, if you want.

Me: Thank you.


11 comments on “At The Monster Ball”

  1. My daughter just informed me that I’m not allowed to talk about her on my blog anymore. Without her, I wouldn’t have anything to write about, lol. Though she did leave me FB and Twitter.

  2. i understand completely.
    it is human nature to want to be perceived as one desires to be seen.
    or in my case, it’s ok to view me as being better than i am.

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