At 11:59 PM on August 1, Laura and Cheri were fast asleep in their beds, while Visions of Anything With Sugar In It danced in their heads. So . . . first thing in the morning on Saturday, August 2 . . .

(Can we have a drum roll please?)

(Thank you.)

. . . we went into a darkened hallway (aka “our library”), pretended it was 11:59 PM on Friday, August 1, and Laura picked a name from one of her favorite hats.

And we have a winner! The fabulous BitchHer ’08 bag goes to Susan at Wine Glass Half Full!!! Congratulations Susan!!! You are officially a Bitch! (Susan, I sent you an email and will mail your bag just as soon as I get your address.)

The good news? It’s never too late to be a Bitch!
Click RIGHT HERE to order your BitchHer ’08 bag
from Trish’s mommy blogger shop!

Now, here’s what you’ve all been staring at your all week waiting for: The Answers! Starting with number one at the top, going left to right, the photographed item is matched to the BitchHer ’08 blogger to whom it belongs.

1. = A. This is Trish’s Blog (Trish)
2. = H. Blog This Mom! (Cheri)
3. = G. San Diego Momma (Deb)
4. = C. katydidnot (Kate)
5. = FREE SPACE (Bitchy Shoe-Love photo)
6. = B. Jenn at Juggling Life (Jenn)
7. = E. thematically fickle (Aaryn)
8. = F. Little Dragon Fruit (Sam)
9. = D. Mel, A Dramatic Mommy (Melanie)

Thank you to everyone who played!


On another matter, my blogroll was suffering from Severe Update Lag. I sent out a roll call notice and asked anyone who wanted to be added to let me know. And I have added you, with a twist. You see, I suffer with Acute Change-o-phobia, so when suburbancorrespondent made a suggestion (“Cheri, get the live blog list available from Blogger. All the cool girls have it!”), I took a tranquilizer early this morning and did it. So effective was that tranquilizer, I did not even have to get Trish on the phone to talk me down from the ceiling, as I usually do when I’m about to do anything new at all, even change toilet paper brands make a change in my blog layout. Look over there —> on my sidebar —> under “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” If you don’t see your blog listed there, please don’t take it personally. I like you. I really, really do. I just have a hard time with all these dadgum buttons in front of me. Just leave me a comment and I will add your blog to the list.

16 comments on “And We Have a Winner!!!”

  1. Congratulations to Susan!! That…really is a great bag!
    And…since Susan has been one of my very BFFs since we were like 12 years old…you can just send that bag to her…in care of ME…Debbie Kuroiwa, Nagasaki City, Japan. THanks so much…I’ll make sure she gets it!!
    😀 teehee

  2. Well, if you want to have even more fun, you can install a rotating blog list. It lists the blogs in the order of most recently posting. I promise, it’s simple! If you go to “customize” and “add element,” it is called Blog List. Very, very simple…

    And I’m not just saying that because I like to see mine listed first every once in a while.

  3. Congrats to the winner – very cool! ANd, fun post! And … I love being on your blogroll – thanks.

    Hope you have had a good weekend – Kellan

  4. Hi Cheri! Thanks for stopping by The Jason Show! I’ve been enjoying skimming through your last few posts….and it looks like we have a lot of blogfriends in common.

    Oh. And you. Are funny. 🙂

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