At the Academy Awards there are no actual losers at the ceremony, at least not since 1989, when the announcement preceding the recipient’s name was changed from “And the winner is . . .” to “And the Oscar goes to . . . .” But here at Blog This Mom! we have winners, and there are three of them.

Picking names from an old hat seemed old hat. (Clever, huh? Sometimes I crack myself up. Just myself. But still.) So I used this Random Sequence Generator instead. The first three numbers it picked were 73, 77, and 67. In a very “mathemagical” way, I applied those numbers to the order in which the comments were entered. Tricky, huh? I try. Now I bet you want to know just who are the bloggers behind those comments, the winners, if you will?

Can we have a drum roll, please? Thank you.

And the pot goes to . . .

Amy at Military Mommy!
This piggy was made possible by
Gary Rith Pottery.
Go check out his blog and Etsy shop link.

And the shirt goes to . . .

Jeanette at DownRightFaith!

This T-Shirt was made possible by
Trish’s Mommy Blogger Shop
Go check out her blog and Cafe Press shop.

And the earrings go to . . .

I Am Feathermaye!
These earrings were made possible by
Go check out her blog and Etsy shop link.

Congratulations to the lucky winners! By the way, these gals are new over at Blog This Mom!, so if you have the chance, be neighborly, click over, and say hello to them. Blog This Mom! says: Clicks, not cliques! (Oh, I like that! I’m really impressing myself tonight with my cleverness, math skills, and winning slogans. Just myself. But still.)

Thank you to everyone who came to leave birthday wishes and/or get free pot.

15 comments on “And the Free Pot Goes To . . .”

  1. Congratulations winners!

    You cracked ME up too Cheri – not just yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰ OH, and I love “clicks not cliques” – that’s genius!

    I’ll go check out the winner’s blogs!

  2. Oh, you ARE a clever one. You should have some kind of place online where you cans share this kind of witty creativity, and give away stuff like free pot.

    Oh, wait. You do.

  3. Gosh… I don’t even have a speech prepared!

    I love the earrings! I’m so tickled to have accidentally stumbled into this situation! See, not having a plan DOES pay off sometimes!

    Thanks, Cheri, for hosting such a fun contest. I love your blog, and will definitely be back. Even when prizes aren’t involved! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. OK you are always very clever but I am mad that I didn’t win so I am not posting any more comments on your blog. Except this one.

    Congratulations winners that were not me.

    Oh and yay for clicks not cliques. I should do a new shirt.

    Oh and thank you for pimping my stuff on your blog.

    Oh and I hope you had a happy birthday

    Oh and I love you anyway.

  5. Yay for the winners. Those are some very cool and very unique prizes. I love ’em.

    And I’m not jealous even one teeny tiny little bit. Nope. Not at all . . .

  6. Yeah…congratulations to the winners…and oh, lucky me…more people to go and read~~sigh~~
    So a little justificaton to make ME feel better….the pig would NEVER have made it over here and pot pieces just don’t do the job…the t-shirt would have been too small for my big boys…and those earrings…totally wrong color. ๐Ÿ˜€
    whew…squeeked by on that one, huh?
    I do sincerely hope from the bottom of my bitchy heart that you had a most awesome of birthdays!
    You…are beautiful.

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