Laura loves school. She cried on the first Saturday after she’d started Kindergarten when she found out that school was only held Monday through Friday. Her birthday fell on a school day this year, and that morning she said, “Don’t even think about sneaking me off to Disneyland for my birthday like you did with Courtney when she was my age.”

But this morning Laura said she had a headache, and asked if I would pick her up right after math. (I know. Even with a headache, she didn’t want to miss math. It boggles my mind.)

So I did.

When I picked her up she said she still had a headache, but seemed chipper enough.

So on the way home we stopped at the market to pick up a few groceries.

I asked her to help me carry in the bags. She grumbled for a moment, but did so. And on the way into the house from the garage, she began to chatter about her plans for the day.

So while I put away the groceries, I asked Laura to start emptying the dishwasher.

Laura sighed and said, “I don’t think you could survive on your own. It’s a good thing you have a sick little child here to help you.”

37 comments on “And I Quote”

  1. Ah, the old guilt trip!
    If they only knew how capable and independent we were before being blessed with their presence!
    That smart little girl keeps you on your toes!

  2. there are so many things i don’t understand about this post. beginning with “after math” and ending with grocery shopping with only two people and in the middle there somewhere, a person wanting to go to disneyland on her birthday. or, um, ever.

  3. Henry thought this was a very funny post. But but it is driving him crazy that he can’t figure out who the mask is? Power Ranger? Relative of Lilo’s Stitch? Nacho Libre? Please solve the mystery. It is giving me a headache. So does math by the way.

  4. So I have decided that when I come to San Diego on thursday, I need to meet my new Aunt *you* and meet my awesome sassy cousin *laura*.

    so can you work that out for me?

  5. I swear, your kid is the funniest!

    My daughter didn’t care about math so much even though she’s brilliant at it, but last year she passed out in gym and asked the nurse not to call me into she had gone to band. Shockingly, the nurse agreed.

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