Laura isn’t feeling very well, so I just picked her up from school. She insisted that I take her for the first hour because she didn’t want to miss math.

I know.

I don’t understand it either.

When we got home I was mixing a dropper of a homeopathic remedy into a glass of juice for her, and she caught me in the act.

Laura: “What is THAT?”

Me: “Don’t worry, it’s tasteless.”

It disappeared as I stirred the light brown liquid into the unfiltered apple juice.

Laura: “It’s seeless too.”

27 comments on “An Apple (of My Eye) a Day . . .”

  1. What was it? Did you get it at Whole Foods?

    Tell her I hope she feels better soon. And I totally understand not wanting to miss school. I had perfect attendance (in all my grades except kindergarten), and then in 8th grade, I got the chicken pox. I called the school to see if I could still go to my classes because I was so DIDN’T want to be absent. They said, “NO,” of course!

  2. i’m impressed that she went to school specifically for math. that’s awesome.
    but sorry for her sickness. i hope your juice-fix works its wonder. don’t forget to make a drink for yourself too, so you don’t catch whatever she has…
    lol. seeless. i like that.

  3. I am home with Carlie today. I had nothing tasteless or seeless for her, so I gave her Nyquil this morning to help her rest. Mom of the year, yo.

  4. Aaargh – can’t reach you otherwise. Thanks for the thumbs up on my Minnesota Matron comment. Go back there to read Nora’s – it’s brilliant.

    I swear, I’d be responding to all your comments if you enabled public access to your e-mail. Can’t you set up a separate e-mail account just for your Blogger profile page?

  5. I just took mine too for the first hour. But his reasoning was that he already missed a week for vacation so he needed to pick up that pesky homework so we don’t finish the quarter with D’s. No biggy.

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