When my oldest daughter, Kristen, was a little girl she named a snail that she found on the front sidewalk Petey. As the days went by, Kristen was amazed that Petey was everywhere until the day that she discovered multiple snails on the sidewalk. Kristen realized that they couldn’t all be Petey, but that was what she called them all anyway.

Now Kristen is 25.

All snails are still called Petey.

Happy Birthday, Kristen.

I love you.

29 comments on “All Trails Lead to Petey”

  1. Happy Birthday to the bride to be, and happy birthing day to the mother of the bride to be. Which, honestly, as really just as important of a role in the whole wedding scenario as the bride, because while the bride is the princess, the mother of the bride is still the queen.

  2. Happy Birthday, Kristen…a few days late, but…I do hope it was a good one.
    And really? Petey? How totally cute is that!? I love it when things happen in our childhood that continue into adulthood…keeps us young at heart!
    Happy day to both of you!!

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