The guy standing next to my oldest daughter in the top photograph is my future son-in-law.

Who is the guy in the bottom photograph?

If you already know the answer, step away from your keyboard. Let the other kids play. 🙂

30 comments on “All in the Family”

  1. Wow! iPhones take really good pictures!

    I hate it when I know the answer and I can’t play… reminds me of 2nd grade when the teacher wouldn’t call on me and I had my hand waving wildly in the air like a maniac… or a smart kid(?)

  2. Okay I tried to cheat, but you foiled us all.

    I’m going to go against the majority, because that’s how I roll, and say it’s your future son-inlaws brother.

  3. Dude, between this and the miraculous fish story, I picked an excellent time to get back online!!

    Are you gonna be a grandma, Cherie?? You’re too young to be a grandma.

  4. I thought maybe I was yet again missing out on some pop cultural phenomenon (because I seriously had no idea who Adam Lambert was until you claimed him).

    I’m guessing evil twin because I’ve always wanted to know someone who had one.

  5. I got nothin’ and it’s driving me crazy here!!!

    PS: I totally thought of you when my kid downloaded an Adam Lambert song for his ipod. In fact, ANYTHING Adam Lambert makes me think of you.

  6. After reading all the through, I’m going to say son-in-law, except that what if this is all a joke and he’s still just your future son-in-law?

  7. I don’t know who, but they’re different guys, for sure….with an uncanny resemblance to one another. So… going to tell us eventually?

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