‘Twas days before Christmas, to see Mickey Mouse

Went this blogger, two kids, and long-suffering spouse;

Decorations were hung down Main Street with care,

The folks at Disney had invited us there.

The kids snuggled the night before in their beds,

While visions of Tinkerbell danced in their heads.

And me in my Lambert shirt with eyeliner eyes,

‘Twas worn as an homage; is that any surprise?

In the media there had arisen such clatter,

I’d searched the world web to see what was the matter.

Dancing like Madonna and kissing a boy,

It seemed ABC had become quite annoyed.

A bold performance by a talented guy

Had network executives crying, “Oh my!”

I scratched my head, wondered what was the trouble,

Then I concluded the standard was double.

There’s not so much fuss when the kissers are chicks,

That’s merely one way that some guys get their kicks.

And crotch grabbing, nothing is wrong with that action

So long as the grabber is named Janet Jackson?

Now, Eminem! Slim Shady! A rap sheet of shame!

And the guy kissing another takes all the blame?

He was called on the carpet! On talk shows appeared!

He gave poised interviews, was that not what they feared?

But there were kids watching some questioners said.

(This mom wants to know why those kids weren’t in bed?)

On music award shows there’s often a scandal;

Parents guiding children is too much to handle?

They watched Janet, Slim Shady, and dancers with guns,

But the guy at the end wasn’t good for the young?

For our daughter’s teachings, we’ll guide the way,

And turn up the radio when Adam is played.

“For Your Entertainment” is my kid’s favorite song,

Traveling to Disneyland, she sang along.

She knows all the lyrics, her voice can be heard,

“If I Had You” and “Fever”: she sings every word.

We arrived at the park; all songs had been sung;

The two little girls were ready for fun!

Space Mountain was the very first ride they did want;

Jack Skellington appeared where ghosts usually haunt.

“Thunder Mountain is next!” we heard the kids call;

Christmas carols at Small World were sung after all.

Then they ate cotton candy and watched a parade,

At 52 degrees no one needed shade.

Splash Mountain in winter, it was oh so freezing,

But Gibson Girl’s ice cream was still oh so pleasing.

We walked and we stood ’til our feet were quite sore,

We sat and we rested, then walked and stood more.

We rode lots of rides, even saw some old friends,

With Tiana and Naveen, we saw a new trend.

Now love knows no color in Walt Disney’s world,

We’re happy to see the melting pot stirred.

Movies, music and books—while words may be small,

We’re gaga when reminded that love conquers all.

In 2010 we can all keep in mind,

It is time to accept that love’s gender blind.

(The Princess and the Frog images courtesy of Google Images/Disney. My apologies to Clement Clarke Moore for taking such liberties with his poem, T’was the Night Before Christmas. Thank you to the Merriest Folks on Earth at Disney Resort Public Relations for the tickets!)

60 comments on “Adam Lambert’s Appearance at Disneyland (On My Shirt) Was Not Canceled”

  1. I was kinda wondering if Donald Duck really needs a sweater in SoCal? Northerners wonder about these things….also wonder if we can take that huge stuffed Winnie the Pooh home….but ANYWAY, Cheri, you and your wit have been missed 🙂

  2. Hmmm. I remember MUCH fuss over the crotch grabbing AND the Madonna/Brittney kiss. But it wasn’t the kiss that riled me but the simulated oral sex. Yikes.

    Glad you had such a fab time at Disney! 🙂

  3. roses are red
    jingle bells ring
    set this to music
    so adam can sing it.


    i’d nearly perfected
    my meter and rhyme
    then so unexpected
    i blew it big time.

    ily. aal. awywp.

  4. Awesome. We’re going to toss the usual rhyme out the window on Christmas Eve and go with your’s instead! I think we have a new tradition in the making!

  5. Hilarious. Just what I needed to start my frigidly cold day in WA.

    Thank youfor the reading program info you sent me…so fanbulous.

    I saw your husband (AL) will be on with Barbara Walters on her special. Hmmm??

  6. @Kat: I’m also saying (about the simulated sex) that IF my child had been watching I would have found it WAY more troubling and difficult to explain if she had heard a singer rap about multiple rapes and seen dancers with guns.

  7. Okay, I want to make some jokes, but I can’t see the keyboard to type because my vision is blurred with sentimental tears. Beautiful, Cheri!

  8. You certainly do not disappoint! Your GLambertgate commentary fashioned to one of my all-time favorite stories is cute, clever, witty and ACCURATE. As I discussed with you, I’m a huge fan, but Adam’s performance made me uncomfortable. In part because he went a little too far but also because he is sooo much more talented than said performance. However, there IS a double standard when it comes to guy on guy PDA that has made this blip of a moment in the soon-to-be brilliant career of GLambert turn into a witch hunt. Bravo Cheri…and I’m stealing from Jamie’s comments…a Cheri Christmas to all!!

  9. So, I’m just sitting here sipping wine – and I’m reading the quotes in your side bar to my husband. There are some awesome quotes there. I love Ghandi & Einstein’s in particular. Although Bruce & Evan Almighty weren’t too bad either.

    Note to self: Must put those movies in Netflix queue…

  10. I’m interested as someone who lives way over here rather way over there.

    Has the Tiger Woods craziness caused more of a stir than Adam Lambert’s kissing a boy? Because Mr Woods’ actions to me are morally reprehensible.

    Whereas (to me anyway) Adam has not hurt anyone.

    I’m just saying.

    Oh poetess friend of mine!

  11. How very clever. I have to admit I’m not an Adam Lambert fan and couldn’t spot a tune of his if my life depended on it, but I don’t get all the fuss over the kiss.

  12. OK…first…bravo for the mad writing skillz!

    Second…and I HATE to say it, my problem with Adam was that the song kind of…well…*whispering* It kinda sucked:( I think he’s uber talented, and I know he is so capable of doing WAY better.

    Don’t hate me…

  13. i love your attitude. let nothing stand in the way of your happiness or ability to have fun.
    there’s a lot of bah-humbugs in the world.
    loved all the happy pictures, cherie!

  14. and this? right here? is why i love you and will pledge my life to you and Adam…and any other husbands/spouses you pick up along the way!
    but…wait…YOU didn’t get face painted? I’m a little disappointed at that…or maybe…Adam on your boobs was glam enough?!?! 😀

  15. @Nap Warden: Even Adam admitted it was not his best vocal performance. He had a case of the nerves. Did you notice that my poor baby even fell down a tiny little bit (he tripped on a step and did a mighty fine ninja roll). I’m just glad the metal spikes on the shoulder of his jacket didn’t poke his pretty face. I would never hate you, but when my husband dared to mention that Adam’s vocals were not up to his usual excellent standard that night, I gave him my two weeks’ notice. 🙂

    @dkuroiwa: Seriously? I totally would have gotten my face painted, but there was a line of little kids at the face-painting station. I didn’t want to be selfish. 🙂

  16. Love the poem. I want to live in that world .. where love is gender blind. We’re getting there, slowly but surely. Just the fact that Adam took the risk on stage, knowing millions were watching, is progress.

  17. Great post!!! I didn’t see the music awards but I also agree about the double standard thing. There is ALWAYS something at those awards shows that cause a stir, it had to be someone right?
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  18. Okay. . . this one. . . . is SUPERFANTISTIC! Thank you for your rhyme and wit and candidness and for saying it like it is!!!!

    Oh and thanks for the question mark you left in my comment section. . . it will be responded to appropriately. . . guess I’ve gotten so used to having to duck from the things thrown by ingnorant people, I forgot I was blogging at my own site. Sheez. . . lost my ability to tell it like it is for a moment!

  19. @Pastor Sharon:

    Actually, my question mark in the comment I left on your post was poorly placed. 🙂 I intended to sound conversational in nature, as in, “You know your friend who you’re writing about . . . ?” I gleaned that Amy is your friend, and I could tell you love her and are proud of her. I didn’t know she is your wife as that was my first time reading your blog (I visited via Blognut).

    How very blessed you both are to have found and nourished such lasting love and appreciation for each other.

    Thank you for the kind words about this post. I just love me some Adam Lambert, especially when his eye makeup sparkles as much as his eyes.

    I’ve put your blog in my Google Reader and look forward to visiting you again.


  20. awww. aren’t you sweet. that’s a statement, not a question.
    i don’t have a twitter account; i’m afraid i’d tweet my life away. but it is so nice of you to mention me.
    hugs, and i’m off to bed.

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