Adam Lambert and I love this woman:

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently Fox blocked content of the video from YouTube, but you can watch it HERE.

Apparently Sue hasn’t seen the recent pictures of Adam in Japan with his bedazzled eyes.

I just love a dude with bedazzled eyes. Don’t you?

20 comments on “Adam Lambert and I Love Her”

  1. I’d be paranoid that some of that stuff would fall into my eyes and I’d have a heck of a time getting it out. I’ll pass on the bedazzling eyes.

    This was my first encounter with Sue.

  2. I have a confession. Sometimes, I am a sneaky gay. Sue would hate me so much.

    Except when she catches me making out with our husbands. That wouldn’t be sneaky at all.

    Still loving Adam’s CD–eyes bedazzled or not!

    And I can’t wait for more Glee!!!

  3. I was distracted the whole time by his shoulder spikes. If he moves his head wrong or someone jostles him? One of those could go into his ear and pierce his brain.

    It’s nice he’s swished it up a bit though.

  4. Sue makes me laugh. and yeah….sneaky gays? they are all over the palce here!!
    oh…btw…kiyoshi said he thought whatever show adam was on while he was here is possibly going to be on tv this weekend…will try to record…you know…for you.
    btw2….thanks to Adam, i now have a working definition for my students for ‘flamboyant’….show the CD…they understood immediately…of course, we have our own brand of flamboyant here…Adam? doesn’t even come close! (though his eyes are more bedazzled!)

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