And I was worried about her feet getting wet. Courtney has been in London for less than a month and already Hugh Grant is hitting on her.

Courtney and Hugh

4 comments on “About a Girl”

  1. I call shenanigans. I can spot a Photoshopped fake a mile away! 😀

    How come Kiki and I live in Santa Barbara, the so-called “American Riviera” and I’ve never seen anyone with any public status? I met more celebrities when I worked at Apple stores in Sacramento and SLO.

  2. Adam:
    Oh ye of little faith. It is so NOT Photoshopped (except that I cut out Jess from the photo on Coco’s blog). We lived in Beverly Hills and spotted celebs daily, and I represented a few too. Ask Kristen. Kiki and Coco have autographs galore because they were cute little dudes who could not be refused. The two main reasons that Coco has celebrity photos from just one month in London is that she knows how to properly stalk and she has long blonde hair.

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