blogthismombadgeCheri is a writer, mom, grandma, Adam Lambert adorer, Facebook status updater, and non-practicing attorney, but not necessarily in that order. Mostly she just sits by her computer waiting for Adam Lambert to tweet to her.

In law school, Cheri wrote two articles that were published in law review journals (see links below). In college, Cheri wrote a thesis that won departmental high honors (and was given a permanent spot at one of the libraries at UCLA, but she can’t remember which one and has no idea if the thesis or the library is still there). Prior to that, Cheri wrote book reports in elementary school that received As.

Cheri’s post-education writing career mostly consisted of legal briefs and annual holiday letters of considerable distinction. Cheri has also written and edited lots of stuff for other people including website content, business blog posts, marketing materials, and such like. In addition to legal briefs, annual holiday letters of considerable distinction, and other people’s stuff, Cheri wrote a lot of stuff that she never showed anyone. Obviously, that kind of monkey business could only go on for so long. Or it could have gone on forever. Either way.

Cheri started Blog This Mom in 2006 to “find her voice” as a writer. This was pretty much back in the time that personal blogs were painted on cave walls. As a blogger, Cheri did not do any of the things that “they” say bloggers “should” do. She didn’t monetize. She posted erratically. Her website content was all over the place, ranging in topics from civil rights to the loss of her big toenail and the hot doctor who removed it. Some of her posts were Way Too Long. Some even rhymed. She ignored emails requesting that she review products, books, and events. She has never gone to a single BlogHer conference (although she’s sure they would have been epic) (except for the squabbles over swag bags) (if that rumor is even true).

But she kept writing random posts of silliness (and some serious stuff), took blogging breaks, posted some more, took a sabbatical to write more things she never showed anyone, moved from Blogspot to WordPress, and has started blogging again. Why?

Blogging made a positive impact in her life. She was amazed and inspired by the quality of writing she found on so many other blogs. And she made good friends on the Internet. They’re the kind of friends that she will have for the rest of her life and not because they’re creepy Internet stalkers. As far as she can tell. So far. And as happened when Dorothy Gale went to Oz looking for her heart’s desire but found it in her own backyard after all, Cheri found out that her voice was never lost. It was there all the time. Blog This Mom is one of the places she puts it every now and again.


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