Dear Mrs. G.,

Thank you for having me over for a visit. I especially love your hawt garden gnome.

Love, Cheri

29 comments on “A Trip to Derfwad Manor is a Trip”

  1. Hi Cheri — I’m stopping by from Mrs. G.’s. 🙂 What a wonderful heart and spirit you have. I love reading through your blog.

    The letter to Nate Berkus hit home. My FIL is living with ALS. He and my MIL live 3 miles down the road, and I see the devastating effects of ALS on a daily basis. I heart my FIL. He shows me what loving life means and makes me think twice about griping and complaining about the small stuff. I don’t blog about the things I find inspiring about him, because it hurts my SIL, who lives in another state and reads my blog.

    Have you seen the PBS documentary about Stephen Heywood, a young husband and father struck with ALS at age 29? Here’s a Boston Globe article on his story:

    I hope to see Nate at Justin’s home soon.

  2. Cheri, Mrs. G will love the new, svelt, blonde-bombshell she’s become as the hostest with the mostest. Very fitting. Loved your interview.

  3. Mrs. G. has changed. I never saw her as the “coffee, tea, or me” type, but it works. I enjoyed your interview. I’m coming over for those margaritas by the pool soon–don’t worry–I’ll cook.

  4. Where did you get this picture of me? That was last year at our Christmas party. This has been a big year of changes-and liposuction and leg and breast implants.

  5. Just zipped over from Mrs. G’s – I have a blog-crush on you now! (uh- hope you KWIM by that – nothing to get freaked out over!) Can’t wait to read your past posts. I started to say “archives” but for some reason that made me feel like you were very old and staid, which is *not* the feeling I got from your post at the Manor.

  6. Yay, I have been wanting to read your blog more as your *comments* keep cracking me up everywhere! Love your slow cook and looking fwd to meandering through the rest of your blog.

  7. Fantastic Slow Cook, miss.

    Just reading the names “Mark Wahlberg” and “Paul Rudd” made me sort of woozy…We’ll share, in a not-weird way.

    Going to BlogHer, right?

  8. not for nothing, but that was the best slow cook ever. you are just cooler ever time i see you. er, read you. er, email you. what was the question?


  9. You are just too cool!! I do love the Slow Cook reads….your’s is one of the best!!
    Amazing how Mrs. G can bring so many people together…I just wanna big ~~group hug~~~!!!

    and DAMN but her diet must be kickin’ into high gear!!! 😀

  10. I’m so jealous! You have a beautiful family and live in such a great city. I lived in Pasadena when I was growing up, but now live in Texas (don’t hold it against me.) LOL. Thanks for the crepe recipe. I love them and always forget to make them. My favorite is with strawberries and whipped cream.

  11. Read all about your visit to Derfwad Manor – it was great getting to know so much more about you.
    I love your sense of humour!

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