It annoys me to find out that we’ve run out of something altogether, particularly when it is something we needed at the store and I’d already been there that day. I prefer the courtesy of a heads up when we are running low. Yeah, sure, I can see for myself when supplies of certain things are running low, but when it comes to items that I don’t consume or use, then it is up to the consumer or user of said items to let me know that said supplies are running low so that I can buy said supplies during routine shopping trips before supplies are exhausted rather than making special procurement excursions after supplies are exhausted. Breathe. Am I sounding, uh, uptight? Maybe. Ugh. Denial. Fine. But I’m uptight about running errands that I wouldn’t have had to run if someone had told me that someone’s supplies were running low before someone ran out of those supplies entirely. Did I mention that before? Okay. Yeah. Uptight.

You see, while I mostly bask in the pleasure of the many benefits that come along with being a SAHM, having momentary misgivings over having traded a career in law for the tedium of running errands (which tend to be part and parcel to a SAHM career) is one thing – but extra mind-numbing errands because someone couldn’t bother to communicate the status of a supply in need of replenishing? Bah. Phooey. Breathe. But still. I know from going to therapy and also from reading Eat, Pray, Love that Being Uptight isn’t the Ideal State of Being. What to do?

I devised a plan. A simple plan. And it only took me twelve years of marriage to come up with it. How about a shopping list? A novel concept, I know. Here’s how it works: If someone needs a supply, then that someone will add that supply to the list. If the needed supply is on the list, then I will pick it up the very next time I go to the store. If the needed supply was not on the list, then it will have to wait until the next time I go to the store, or the person who consumed or used the item without putting it on the list may make the special procurement excursion if that person so chooses. The plan is working pretty well. So, before I went to the market today, I looked at the list to see if Tom needed anything, which is when I noticed that Laura has decided to see if it will work for her too:

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