Dear Miss Needs-To-Find-Her-Chi:

Remember when we met at the Kahului Airport on Monday? No? My husband pulled our rental car up to the curb and you pulled in behind us? We arrived early to check our bags, and it wasn’t particularly crowded in front of the terminal. Did you notice that when you pulled in there was room to park at least ten cars behind yours? And there was even room to park at least ten cars in front of us? No? I didn’t think so because you laid on your horn anyway. Did you know that rental cars come with transmissions so that the car can move in reverse? You know, for parking and such like. No? Did you notice that my husband got back into our car and pulled forward for you? You see, Miss NTFHC, he was being a gentleman. I am guessing that you may not be familiar with the concept of a gentleman. But you weren’t satisfied that he treated you kindly, were you? No? I didn’t think so because you jumped out of your car and started yelling at my husband, in front of our little daughter. And you know how he simply ignored you? He was still being a gentleman. Oh. And that woman who was in the passenger seat of your car? The one who looked like she could be your mother? She put her head down. I’m guessing she was embarrassed. But you walked toward my husband waving your arms in the air and made the “hang loose” sign with both hands, and yelled that my husband ought to know about the spirit of Hawaii. Um. Miss NTFHC? The point you were trying to make about hanging loose in Hawaii? It got kind of lost with all of that horn honking and yelling and waving your arms around. And my husband’s response? Still tried to ignore you. Because? He is a gentleman. Me? Not so much. Which is why I picked out a nice name for you and told you to back off or you’d be dealing with me. So? Thanks for backing off so promptly. It would have been unpleasant for your mother and my daughter if I’d had to deck you right there in front of the airline terminal.


Mrs. Stands-By-Her-Man

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  1. Isn’t it funny how nothing gets our ire up higher than seeing someone give our husbands grief? (Unless maybe it’s some snarky and entirely unfounded comment about people of different political persuasions, right, Ms. HHH?)

  2. Oh gosh, please accept my apology Kaylnne Pudner, I guess I got all caught up in the political hype in Blogland this morning.
    In truth, as a New Zealander *Ms HHH* can barely tell a Republican from a Democrat, and if I was voting, I’d probably base my opinion on the fact that Obama is hot, and John Sidney McCain III, um, is not. But that’s just me.

    Sorry Cheri, didn’t mean to offend your dear readers, feel free to delete my comment…and tighten my muzzle 🙂

  3. Dear HHH,

    When my eight-year-old daughter came home after Super Tuesday and told me in very a very dramatic tone that she just found out that her eight-year-old friend Jackie is a Republican, I said, “Well, you may as well know now, some of the best people are.”

    I think there was a bit of up-in-your-faceness going on at the RNC, so I took your comment to mean only that. We know all too well that Republicans are not the only party in the bunch to engage in unkind behavior. Why some Dems even engage in unkind behavior toward each other! 😉

    Elections tend to polarize people. We all feel there is so much at stake! One thing I am certain about is that if Kalynne is a Republican, she’s one of the sweetest and smartest ones I know and love.

    I think we bloggers share something special that can work for us during this election time. That is the power and forum to work together to share information and discuss issues meaningfully. So let’s enjoy the next few months talking and sharing together.

    Love, BTM

  4. Oh, how funny – but … that would have made me really mad! What’s up with some people!?

    Nice to see you – hope you had a great trip. Have a good weekend – Kellan

  5. Nothing like some robust debate in the comments !

    You and your gorgeous husband were far more tolerant of that woman’s behaviour than we would have been.

    I know you said something to her but even that sounds as though it was reasonably civilised given her behaviour!

  6. I love how creative you are even when dealing with difficult people. The name you gave her, how you wrote it as a letter, etc.

    I love that your husband is a gentleman and that you stand by him!


  7. Miss NTFHC really gets around. She honked (a lot) and called me a very bad name in front of my daughter a couple of months ago for not pulling out across three lanes of fast-moving traffic. I’m still not sure exactly what she wanted of me. Maybe when she’s not haranguing nice husbands, she makes a hobby of prompting others to suicide in traffic.

  8. OH. My. Goodness. YOU GO GIRL. Stand by that man – he’s obviously a keeper. Now miss lost-her-chi? Someone must’ve tossed her back. Heck even us republicans wouldn’t take her, would we Kalynne?! And You ROCK.

  9. Hey Mrs., Remember that inconsiderate biatch in Las Vegas that held up the hotel elevator so she could finish her effing phone call before she got in? While we waited? And waited?

    Well without divulging what stays in Vegas details, I am here to testify to the whole wide blogosphere, that our Cheri also stands by her friends!

  10. Okay…your husband deserves some kind of really nice award for putting up with that…and you, too, Miss THang! Damn!
    I don’t think I would have let that woman off so easily…I’m bowing down to you and that man of yours…’cause I probably would have bitch slapped the woman and not even thought twice about it.

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