Deb at San Diego Momma is hosting PROMPTuesday #34: Bawdy Prose. Why? Because it’s the Holidays. You may have noticed that today is Wednesday, but you’re probably much too polite to bring my tardiness to anyone’s attention and I appreciate that. Still, you may be wondering why I am late posting this. Can you guess?

Possible reasons that WhoaItIsWednesday is the new PROMPTuesday at Blog This Mom!:

1. I was being fitted with a prosthetic toe on Tuesday.

2. Petty annoyances like raising children interfered with blogging on Tuesday.

3. I am addicted to Prison Break and watched all twenty-six hours of season one during the twenty-fours hours of Tuesday.

4. I am addicted to Wentworth Miller and cyberstalked him all day on Tuesday.

5. My Internet connection was down much of the day on Tuesday and it keeps going out today and is it the wind blowing on the cables? and why does it keep going out? and so I can’t read blogs or post to my blog or send emails or receive emails or cyberstalk Wentworth Miller and if it weren’t for Prison Break to distract me from the toe pain I would have lost my mind on Tuesday.

Speaking of Prison Break, maybe you have the same question that Laura asked me yesterday: “Do you and Daddy kiss naked while you watch Prison Break?” I giggled when Laura asked me that, but then I thought, “Hey, she might be on to something!” Because? Kissing naked with one eye on Wentworth Miller? Brilliant. You see? I’m raising a brilliant child despite the time it takes away from my blogging to do so.

Naked. Wentworth Miller. Kissing. Um. What was I saying? Oh. Yeah. PROMPTuesday. On Wednesday.

Deb’s prompt this week: Please compose a holiday limerick.

So . . . rather than composing something bawdy and rhyming with sleigh (holiday? gay?), I composed a non-bawdy and almost-rhyming limerick for Deb.

A Limerick for a Lady
There once was a writer named Deb

Who wove tales on the World Wide Web,

Each Tuesday she’d prompt

‘Til I got verklempt

From limericks rolling ‘round in my head.

26 comments on “A Limerick for a Lady”

  1. That was so romantic!

    “A Limerick for a Lady!” It sounds so chivalrous and fancy.

    I think Kate might get jealous though, so maybe consider penning some prose for her too. You know how she gets.

  2. “better late than never” comes to mind.
    i watched a couple episodes of prison break during the first season. but i haven’t seen it since.
    i rather thought he’d have broken out by now?

  3. Now- I forgot it was Day without a Gay- dammit! I spent some money, and I worked last night. It would have been difficult to call in gay at midnight. I know- this has nothing to do with your post, except for Sarah J. Clark’s comment reminded me.

    Your internet being out- does that mean you didn’t get my email on Monday?

    I loved the limerick. Nice.

  4. Wow, using “verklempt” in a real sentance – a poem, even!!! Awesome.

    FYI — India Sweets & spices doesn’t have much atmosphere, but its great for takeaway.

  5. Do you kiss naked while you watch Prison Break? That made me do a big old L-O-L!

    And somehow I missed reading the whole Papa Smurf Toe post. That was hisssssssssssterical!

    I hope your nail grows back normally. So you can get pedicures without the help of Lee’s Press-On.

  6. If you play with how you pronouce verklempt and prompt, you CAN get them to rhyme…my oldest just came in and wondered a)”who are you talking to?” and b) “what are you saying?”. Now he’s saying the words and it’s really kind of funny!!
    Great limerick.
    I watch Prison Break for the older brother…man oh man…I might just watch the show naked…alone…’cause I can. (but don’t tell Laura!).

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