A funny thing happened on my way to the hot toe doctor’s office the other day.

As I drove along dreaming of hair with the perfect amount of gel expertly applied minding my own beeswax, something caught my eye.

I turned my car around.

I parked my car in front of a school to get a better look.

I hopped out of my car. (Yes. Hopped. Because on my way to the hot toe doctor’s office.)

And, with my iPhone boyfriend camera, I took a picture of the sign in front of the school.


Because a picture of this sign was just begging for a . . .CAPTION CONTEST!!!

Here are the rules:

1. You can leave as many entries as you like before 11:59 PM on Sunday, May 3.

2. There will be no random drawings in this one. No, no, no! The winning caption will be selected by a panel of impartial judges Tom. Tom’s a good sport about all the fawning over hair gel that goes on around here got a fine sense of humor, so the contest results will be in good hands.

3. The winner will be announced here on Monday, May 4.

4. The grand prize? How about a $25 Amazon gift card? Hmmmm. Yes? Okay. That’s what it will be. Enter now and win a $25 Amazon gift card! $25!!! Consider it my way of helping America during this economic crisis. I’m a one-woman stimulus package.

5. Family members and employees of Blog This Mom! (if there were to be any employees between now and when the contest ends, which, of course, there probably won’t because this blog is not monetized like a certain person’s cat) are not eligible for the $25 prize because the dilettante CEO at Blog This Mom! is mean like that.

So . . . what are you waiting for? Leave your caption in the comment section.

And? Check back in later. I’m guessing you’ll find some pretty entertaining captions because you’re funny, yo. (Yes, I mean you.)

51 comments on “A Funny Thing Happened On My Way to the Hot Toe Doctor and You Could Win $25”

  1. I will be thinking of something most clever. I used up a morning’s worth of brain cells thinking of a clever haiku for your daughter’s blog.
    I was thinking of Fabio for a minute there, then I was thinking of that famous school fund raiser ‘Donkey Basketball’ where students and teachers have to play basketball while riding donkeys…

  2. Cherie…I don’t have an enrty, but I’m laughing so hard I’m crying over all the other entires. You have mad funny readers.

    Now. Tell us all about Hot Toe Doctor. Grey’s isn’t on ’til tomorrow and I need a fix.


  3. “Sperm donor used by the teachers’ union now suing for visitation rights”

    Frankly, I think Michael Barrow wins this one. (That was BEAUTIFUL, Michael!!)

  4. my caption is as follows:

    “Local limping blog writer unfairly excludes wife from $25 gift card contest with some ridiculousness about members of the CEO’s family being ineligible to win.”

    and further:

    “F that.”

  5. “Just when we thought we’d seen a lull in school scandals…”

    Which I now realize isn’t funny so much as it accurate anymore.

    Da Goddess

  6. I have been reading the rules and somehow can’t figure out what they are. So I’ll share my caption, though I’m not sure if it’s “legal” because I saw it a few years ago, in Melbourne, Australia.

    It was a huge billboard over the road near the airport, and read:

    “Check Your Speedos.”

    I did take a photo–do I need the photo?

  7. Okay, it’s me again. I hate to leave this in your comments, but I don’t have an email address for you. I have gleaned from reading your posts that you like Adam Lambert and Wicked. Both. Well, we’re going to Wicked next month and I’ve been on a kick. Did you know Adam was an understudy on the LA cast of Wicked?? You probably did. If not, check this out.


  8. Coming up tonight on Student Body News:

    Area stud vows to put saying “It’s Brains not Brawn” to the test…will he go to the head of the class? Tonight at 6!

  9. Told to the kids after their school has been rebuilt and staffed (bad staff is bad staff, right?)

    “…and then, children, he took one mighty swipe with his magnificent tallywacker and down they all went. It was a thing of beauty.”

    I could have used just any word, but I love “tallywacker”. It’s so much poetic than schlong or dong or one of the other 47 words we oculd use.

  10. I’m totally not entering your contest because? I’m pouting. I swear I thought you were taking me with you the next time you visited your hot toe doctor. Because remember? That anvil that fell right on my foot? Remember?

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