Over at Derfwad Manor, Mrs. G. is hosting “A Day in the Life” in which participating bloggers share . . . you guessed it, a day in his or her life. So after checking out what an average weekday is like at Blog This Mom!, go see how Mrs. G. and the other bloggers roll.
Come on in!
This is our front door.
Obama signs are rare in these parts,
so we had to make our own:
(Our child has been indoctrinated encouraged
to form opinions and express her views.)

Tom brings Blog This Mom! a fresh
cup of coffee every morning, rain or shine.
It puts him in the path of righteousness:

After coffee,
Blog This Mom! does a little of this:

Laura eats breakfast:

After breakfast,
Blog This Mom! does a little of this:

After a wardrobe change or two,
Laura is dropped off at school:

In front of the school after drop off,
Blog This Mom! and her friend
have an iPhone Lightsaber battle:
(Oh yes they do.)

Because glare from the sun and traffic noise
in front of the school caused too much
interference with the actual video, here is a
reenactment of the iPhone Lightsaber battle:
After the iPhone Lightsaber battle,
Blog This Mom! goes to the gym.
She highly recommends being a
weakling at the gym so that the
hawt gays guys will spot you:

After the gym,
Blog This Mom! does a little of this:

After a little of that,
Blog This Mom! goes to the restroom
and almost falls over dead from shock
when she sees that Tom has
replaced the near-empty roll:

After using the restroom,
Blog This Mom! does a little of this:

After a little of that,
Blog This Mom! does some more of this:

After a some more of that,
Blog This Mom! does even more of this:

After even more of that,
Blog This Mom! picks up Laura from school,
and feeds her some dinner.
Blog This Mom! makes such interesting
meals that Laura is forced inspired to
invent interesting ways to eat them:
After dinner,
Blog This Mom! does some of this:

Laura works in her chemistry lab
before bedtime:

While Laura works in her lab,
Blog This Mom! does some of this:

Laura does a little knitting before bed:
(Note: Blog This Mom! does NOT knit.
Laura had to learn how to do this on the streets.)

After Laura goes to bed,
Blog This Mom! does some of this:

After some of that,
Blog This Mom! does some more of this:

After some more of that,
Blog This Mom! snuggles
on the couch with Tom:

After she snuggles on the couch with Tom,
Blog This Mom! doesn’t do this
for the rest of the night:

39 comments on “A Day in the Life of Blog This Mom!”

  1. OH CHERI what toes!!!!
    A tremendously amusing day, thanks for sharing! I will take note, as a husband: a) deliver coffee to the woman early and often
    b) make sure the TP is present and accounted for
    c) women like to play footsie,
    GOT IT.
    Wow, your daughter sure does have some hot ducky dishware, wonder where she got that?????

  2. I’m battling blogger over photo uploads, but mine should be up soon. And it looks very similar to yours. Just add one daughter and subtract one hawt guy at the gym.

  3. It’s really a shame you don’t have more time to blog.

    And you’re not going to believe this, but Ellie and Laura have the same pajamas! What is that, something like 50% of their wardrobes are the same?

  4. I soooooooooo wanna be Blog This Mom!! From the door sign to the coffee made FOR you to the snuggles. Oh and the chem lab in your home. Awesome! Jealous I am.

  5. I’m still trying to figure out how to fit the working out in with all the blogging. I mean, something’s gotta give!
    I love that Laura has a chemistry lab, with such an awesome lab coat! 🙂

  6. I want a day like that. Except the coffee–I prefer ice cold Diet Coke–bad habit, I know.

    It sounds like Tom isn’t the only one who learned something in couple’s counseling–perhaps when to turn off the computer?!

  7. Cheri, you totally should’ve painted his toes, then made us guess whose was whose!!! Since he replaced the TP, I’m sure he would’ve let you 🙂

  8. I was showing the missus your fab blog, and she noticed instantly the coffee from Tom thing, plus the snuggle toes. I am always up for some snuggle toes too, but I get the feeling I should start delivering the coffee to the lady. In bed. Which probably leads to A LOT of snuggle toes.
    Once again, Laura CRACKS ME UP. A natural comic, isn’t she?

  9. Okay…so not to start off all negative and all, but, really…I’m questioning your seriousness at the gym…were those sunglasses on top of your head?!?!

    Yeah, yeah yeah…Tom’s cute, snuggle-bunny love, whatever…it’s Laura that rocks!
    Are you sure she’s not about, oh i dunno, 20 years older than what she says?!?! That PJs are the best…in a lab, no doubt.
    My 10-year-old son will be so afraid of her!! 😀

  10. That’s a busy day, punctuated with lots of computer time. I love that kind of day, although I quit the gym a couple of years ago. Hate that exercise business.

  11. I’m late getting here, but that’s kind of the week I had. I’m nothing if not consistent!

    I have a Tom, too, but I call mine Scott. What did people do before 1st-cup coffee delivery?

    Very fun post. I feel like I know you better already!

  12. Wow. You spend that much time on the computer daily? Computers are my most utilized communication method; I’ve told my dh to unplug the phone, just not to turn off the computer!

    I also am quite envious that your dh brings you coffee each morning. I’m happy when my dh puts the clean dishes in the dishwasher away in their cupboard.

  13. Ha, Ha, Ha. My days go quite a bit like yours. Except I don’t have light saber matches with the moms at daycare/preschool. I am trying to run out of there as quickly as possible so that I can return to work – blogging – oh wait, that is not work, that is pleasure. I am still trying to fit work in with all of the pleasure. Hmm.

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