I admittedly grow a bit “restless” every year at about this time from the full season of the beer- and testosterone-induced screaming that is directed at our television set each and every Sunday. Surely the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and all that, but must the apple behave as its clone? Just try to imagine how my mind reeled and my body shuddered and my heart seized a bit when I found this written on the dry-erase board in Laura’s room, in her handwriting:

It might be that I would have preferred to have found a crack pipe.

But then I made another discovery in her room, and I realized that not all of the traits that she may have picked up from me are recessive:

10 comments on “23 from Dad, 23 from Mom”

  1. That is awesome, and you really need to send it to “FOUND” magazine (wwww.foundmagazine.com) Not sure if it counts when you’re related to the person, but I think they would love it for their “daily find.” 😉

  2. I never thought I’d want to read someone else’s mommyblog, especially not someone who I know & can just get the highlights in person, etc, but every time I come here & there’s a Laura story, they always crack me up. “I cannot be defiant” on her To Do list is awesome, as is the NFL playoff chart.

  3. @jonson: I would typically avoid a blog on which topics such as bear rape are regularly raised, but U funny, so I go back. I don’t click your hyperlinks anymore though; I have finally learned.

  4. Hey girl. Thank for leaving a comment on my blog. I was looking through your posts and found this. Can I say it is FANTASTIC! You daughter and my little Hannah, she’s 7 also, would get along – – apparently are both list makers at heart!!

    Have a good one. I’ll be checking back in!

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