Just yesterday it seemed that there is so much to celebrate and anticipate in the coming year. But now I am just quaking in my UGG boots. I found this little dilly under my pillow, my pillow, the pillow upon which I rest my head!

Dear Mom,

Happy Prank Year!

P.S. Prank year is in 2009
but I just wanted to get you started.

P.P.S. This is Dad’s dirty underwear.

Love, Laura

Hee Hee!

I am totally traumatized. It’s looking like I have a long year ahead of me.

We had been planning an overnight trip and dinner out tonight followed by a visit to one of the California missions tomorrow. Laura is studying missions in school. She got a camera for Christmas. We’ll be visiting the mission on which she was assigned to write a report so she can see it in person and take photos. We really know how to show a girl a good time on New Year’s Eve, huh? However, now I think I might just ring in the New Year from an undisclosed location. I’d tell you all my newly forming plans, but Laura reads my blog and I don’t want her to find me. Wish me luck.

What are/were your plans for ringing in the New Year?

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47 comments on “2009 Might Be a Very Loooooong Year”

  1. The apple falls not far from the tree, dear Cheri!

    I hope you have a lovely time, whatever you end up doing.

    P.S. I was in witness protection for awhile due to outstanding library fines.

  2. Yeah, what Rima said! And that’s why I love your daughter.

    You, my dear Cheri, are the queen of good comments on my blog. I have so appreciated them.

    And, just in case you were wondering, I am REALLY looking forward to your next blog revamp with that special photo you mentioned. Poor Tom. Oh, wait….he kinda gets off on this kind of stuff.

  3. I am way too fearful and un-creative to get into prank-fests. So I don’t blame you for hiding out.

    NYE plans here – Neighbor having a party that will involve a ton of food and if I play my cards right, not quite as much drink.

  4. It’s going to be a great year for you. My kids tried this pranking thing for a week last summer and my little boy woke up wearing lipstick and skirt one day. I think that a good growth experience for him, but the jury is still out on that.

  5. At least they’re not inside out!

    We normally celebrate with our good friends and a fondue party, but they are in Denmark this year. It looks like I’m going to play hairdresser and do drugstore hair dying of 14 year old cheerlearder hair. Yay!

    MVP just left for Anza-Borrego to camp with a couple of friends–so I get to worry about them running out of water until they return tomorrow night. Joy!

  6. That’s pretty hysterical, actually. I like the “at least they’re not inside out” comment. I hope Lauren reads that one for next time.

    We are going to an adult only wine dinner tonight. Small fly in the ointment, though: Carlie (age 10) just announced that she no longer wants to follow through with her sleepover party plans for tonight. Hmmmmm. And big kids have already called “not it” on babysitting weeks ago and made their own plans.

    So… we’ll see. Cheers : )

  7. I feel your pain, I have a prankster in the family, too.

    New Year’s Eve plans include going out to eat King Crab Legs, watching the ball drop in New York, and probably in bed by 10:05.
    Such party animals!

  8. Cheri, you really must buy Tom some new underwear.
    The mission trip sounds kind of fun, although I’d demand booze.
    For many years, we have celebrated NYE on NYC time. Last year and this year, it kinda sucked…because we live on NYC time. My almost-twin will be back with his family in time to do a crazy dance at midnight. Last year he led us through the house in a conga line. Yes, really.

  9. Well, you gotta hand it to her. She’s CREATIVE! And DAMN funny!

    But, yeah, eeeewwww! Gross!

    I’m going out into the madness in Old Town Pasadena tonight. People are already camping out!

    PS: I know a place you can go to and escape, and now that Laura can’t play with the girl anymore, I think that gives me a BIG OPEN for our marriage plans?!!!

  10. Please do not tell my children and/or students about Prank Year. I can only imagine what would show up under my pillow.

    We have a 70s-themed gathering at the neighbors’ house (NO, not so 70s-themed as to be a key party, thanks for asking). Will post pics ๐Ÿ˜€

    Happy Eve!

  11. Prank Year! Love it! Can’t believe my Son didn’t find out already. I am so going to slam them….
    As for me and new years, well it’s just me, my laptop, and some direct examination outlines to draft….who the heck plans a trial the first week of January?!

  12. Dear Laura,
    Thank you for hiding the skid marks.
    Dear Tom,
    Please get some cool underwear. Those are really dorky man.
    Dear Cheri,
    You can come live with me this year if your other wife won’t get jealous.
    Dear Kiki and Coco,
    Did you put Laura up to this? Wicked senses of humor seem to run in the family.
    Dear Adam,
    Can you recommend a non toxic cleaner for washing these?

  13. You are in for such a year! And I thought April Fools Day was rough with three boys.
    I think your daughter inherited her mother’s wonderful imagination and sense of humour!

  14. Oh boy. You are in TROUBLE!!!!!

    We celebrated my mom’s bday. her mother was soooo happy to have her just in time for a tax write-off. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy New Year!

  15. I’m already traumatized by Laura’s antics. If this was prank #1, what worse things does she have up her sleeve? Tra. ma. tized.

  16. I like how Laura thinks. And while I do love you, I need to side with Laura on this one. In the interest of prank promotion and enablement (we need more laughs in this world, no?), I have sent Laura all of The Rock’s dirty underwear to sprinkle at random throughout the household. (They don’t call him “The Rock” for nothin’. You’ll see). ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Oh, poor you. What a prank!

    Daughter No. 1 spent the evening with friends, so Eustacia, Husband and I spent the evening relaxing at the lake house playing Clue and watching Ghost Town.

  18. Yikes! A whole year of pranks? That is truly frightening. I hope you survived the first day.

    We had a nice quiet evening at home. My parents are visiting from CA and I’m enjoying every minute.

  19. Ok, so when I was in high school my mom was the principal. Yes, really. And yes, it was awful.

    Anyhoo – we did this thing every year. The senior class “trashed” the school one day before graduation. And my mom always locked her office so nobody could get to it.

    But my senior year? I stole the keys. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. She was so pissed off. It was the HAWTEST thing ever. HAWT, I say. Hawt.

  20. Ha-Ha! You’re funny!

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading and following Root & Sprout! And, yes, if you read you are entered into the drawing.

    Though, I’m planning to do a second runner up drawing but I haven’t found a great prize yet.

    Oh, you should so check out and sign up at “Grow Together” — that’s the social networking site with Root & Sprout [not a plug, it’s a great parent place].

    If you really don’t want to enter for the bank, I’ll hold your entry back for the second drawing!

    Thanks again for playing along!!

  21. So…there are 40 comments ahead of me right now and I didn’t read all of them so if I’m repeating something that has been said before, then…oh well…but…
    Tom wears ‘tighty-whiteys’???
    and really…unders on the pillow? please…I have 2 small little boys…that’s nothing!! tell Laura that if she needs ideas for pranks, get in touch…I’m sure my boys can help her out!!
    happy new year…hope whatever you did was a good one!!

  22. Happy New Year, Cheri!

    We stayed in, had a fun supper and ate black-eyed peas, cornbread and greens on New Year’s day. Southern tradition.

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